Movie Hall For Couples : Ebony Lounge Review


First place comes to your mind is movie when you think for outing with your girlfriend and you decide to visit pvr cinemas or fun cinemas. After your outing, you will find you spent 1000 bucks on movie but you don’t enjoy that much and movie was also a torture. You will observe that when you try to sit closer to your girlfriend and trying to wrap her in your arms on romantic scenes, tense and suspicious look from other uncles and aunties sitting around you makes you feel you committed a sin and you a criminal. But there is no other place where you get so much time to spend with your girlfriend without any disturbance ( P.s : If you don’t have an empty flat :p ). But I have a great news for you where you can spend time with your girlfriend, you can hug her, can come closer to her or can do whatever you want to do without being observed by uncle and aunties aorund you and you can watch movie also if you want. :p

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Yes the great news is Ebony private lounge in Noida. Ebony private lounge is a movie hall located in Noida sector 38, walking distance form Noida sector 18 metro station. It is a movie hall which consists of dolby sound system which gives you incomparable sound experience you ever had in any cinema hall plus it is famous for its comfort level of seating. Everyone wants to watch movie in home because of comfortable seats or couches/beds. So ebony private lounge gives you seats which are not exactly simple seats but actually they are seats which you can extend upto 180 degrees and make them couches. There are 22 seats are available which is made especially for couples.

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They have recliner which you can extend upto 180 degrees and you will get two pillows along with a blanket/ bedsheet.  Hall is extra dark and picture quality of screen takes you to another level of entertainment. But the highlight of movie hall is the privacy which they provide you with a partition between two seats along with honeymoon curtains on both sides which is unmatchable facility available anywhere in any other movie hall.

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This will make you more romantic and you can enjoy even if the movie is boring. Although it costs a bit high if you compare it with other movie halls. It will cost Rs. 1500 for two normal seats and it will cost Rs.1800 for two couple seats. Yes the prices are quiet high but it is worthy to watch movie atleast once in this type of hall with your beloved one. They also serves you best quality food if you order. Extra chilled cold-drink is a cherry on the cake. But there is one thing which is missing in the hall is alcohol service. If alcohol service is available this can be unbeaten movie hall ever...

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  1. hii, is it in gip mall or outside from it. need proper address and need of clear view of sitting of private lounge. some tome show sofa and some time beds.

  2. hii..

    please tell me that if i will go with my girlfriend in ebony lounge noida (GIP)..
    can i do any thing with her without any disturbance ..??

    and also tell me that the people seating behind us or seating
    beside us can see us .? or there is partition ….?? ( agr ham waha pe dekh rahe hai movie toh muj and meri girlfriend ko koi kuch krte hue dekha sakta ha jo hamare peeche baithe honge or ham dono ke side mai … ???

  3. What is the differencr between ebony lounge privy and normal .
    In normal is there a common bed for 2 people ?like is it a 2 seater or there is a partition between chairs in normal one

  4. Guys plz rply very soon…
    If i want to go with my gf then i hw much i hve to pay for ebony private tickets for me and my gf… And more thing i have to asked them to provide bedsheet and pillows or they will give it their own.. Plz rply me soon

  5. Blanket and small pillows will already be there on your seat..all the seats are very cmfrtble and electronically converted to 180 degrees..u have to pay rs.1800 for couple tickets (900 each).and dont worry do whatever u want to do under the blanket:-p..idk if u can have sex..but that depends upon ur talent and how silently u can do things..but it is ultimate fun to go wod ur dont hesitate nd book fast..

  6. Worst experience of my life and it was just mony consuming thats it, there was nothing called privacy in this theartre totally time and mony wasting. i think the owner should change the name of theatre.

    • Its definely worth going..yes i have been there…it a hall for couples..nd u will majorly find couples there only..nd blanket is is like the ultimate thing u can get there..even if u want to do somthng or expernce was awesome..u can try once urslf..nd tell me..

  7. I have searched on bms and mentioned price is 530 each in private and here it is mentioned 900 each
    Have the ticket prices been lowered?

  8. if i go with my bf then for the top seats which have curtain and all ,on bookmyshow i need to book 2 tickets or 1 (bcoz i want share bed with my bf) ? and what about a blanket ? i will have to pay at the time of entry for blanket or it will be deducted online from bookmyshow ?
    those seats really have curtains ?
    gaurd checks on people in ebony privacy seats in very small time interval ?

    • You have to book two tickets for two persons as 1 person is allowed in hall per ticket. You don’t have to pay antything extra for any thing. Just go and buy two tickets thats it you will get everything there. There are no guards, they will give you full privacy. Share your experience with us.

  9. are there really no guards or are you saying it just for persuasion? i am asking this because i read someone’s review on some other site that the guards keep coming and it is a waste of money.

    • Ebony has simple recliners(couches) with no coverings where ebony private has all facilities which are mentioned in post. Ebony seats doesnt have much privacy and they are in the front rows where ebony private has 2 rows at back.

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