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You always want to spend a day with your partner, family or friends but you couldn’t able to find a suitable place to spend a full day with them. Water parks in Delhi is one of the best choice in hot summers of Delhi but due to lack of facilities and dirty water in the pools restricts you to visit water parks as it will increase the chances of getting sick but a new water park near Delhi can take care of your all necessities and give you all facilities and because it is a new water park therefore, water in the pool and other equipment  are very neat and clean. Oyster park located in Gurgaon (NCR) near Huda City Centre Metro Station is one of the best water park in Delhi NCR and it is also the recent developed water park in Delhi NCR.

I visited in this water park with my friends last year in august and that time it was only few days old water park. I purchased 12 tickets from bookmyshow.com as they are giving promotional discount to all users. Ticket costs me Rs. 600 per person after discount which proves worthy in the last.

New Prices For Oysters Water Park 
I enter the park at 11 AM sharp because I want to enjoy full day with my friends. It makes no sense if you are buying a ticket after spending 600 bucks and you are entering in the late afternoon. So I suggest you to visit as soon as possible for the maximum fun. I enter the park after travelling 90 minutes in metro as I am an delhite. Oyster park is located in walking distance from Huda City Centre Metro station.

So after crossing security check there is locker room which are separately made for boys and girls. They will charge you Rs.100 per locker along with Rs.100 security which will be refunded when you return the locker key in the end. The locker is very small in space, it can accommodate only one person’s belongings hardly. And if you don’t have a swim suit , then you can purchase it from their costume desk. Different costumes were available at different rates. Approx Rs.150 will be spend if you don’t have costumes with you.

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After that fun begins when we enter into water park. First there is a small tunnel ride in which you can slide down into a closed tunnel which is specially for kids but we made enough fun there also. Water is falling down from a big bucket which gives a tight splash of water. There are water guns and other small water buckets to enjoy. Tunnels are in zig-zag shape and there is a complete dark in tunnel which makes you nervous for one second. After  spending some time in this ride we enter into a wave pool . It is big pool which becomes deeper upto 6 ft. when you enter more in the pool. It is advisable if you don’t know swimming you should not cross 4ft. level. Although there are life guards to save your life but if it about your life, why to take a risk. In this wave pool, waves similar in sea are generated with motors which will give a real experience of sea. Waves of very good height will splash you down and even knock you down, if you don’t have a grip.

Oyster Ticket Prices Revised

After wave pool ride there is a slide ride on which y ou can slide with or without sleeper from a good height . They are already available in many water parks, although it is not a new ride but it gives you different experience of slide ride. After spending time in all those rides you can relax in lazy river. In lazy river you can relax down in a tyre tube structure and it will automatically move with the flow of water. There are two types of tubes available which is for one person or for two persons. Apart from it there are many cafe in which you can have an affordable beverages. There is a food court in which you can have north-Indian, south-Indian and all types of food at an affordable price. Food is also tasty and service is also good.
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Apart from all the activities and rides one thing which makes this oyster park is different from all other water parks in India is OMG. OMG is ‘Oh My Gurgaon ‘ ride which gives you heart-stopping experience. I can guarantee all you friends cannot even try this ride after watching the height of ride. It is a zero gravity downfall tube where you feel zero gravity in it. First time in India get dropped to a near vertical height of 20 mtrs and get looped into a slide and experience 0 to 2.5G in two seconds before you come to a thundering halt. After a countdown the trapdoor opens and you are dropped at a speed of 60kmph for 5 seconds, further leading yourself to splash of water. Seriously it is a killer ride ever available in any water park or any amusement park. Only people who have dare to do something can go for this ride.

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  1. will you tell me when i go to oyester beach with school trip with 36 stundents and 15 teachers including me what charges for tickets

  2. What is the costumes for boys on the upper part of body.. Can we wear a t-shirt? Or we are not allowed to wear anything?


      GENERAL 1200
      SR. CITIZEN 600
      KIDS (3FT-4FT) 800

      GENERAL 1200
      SR. CITIZEN 600
      KIDS (3FT-4FT) 800

    • For boys : Trunks will cost 100-200 rupees (depending upon size)
      For Girls : 200-300 Rupees (depending upon size)

  3. I am student of government school, but we have not any id card issued from school, how can ve take benefits of student quota

    • You should have some school id card or library id-card that can prove that students belong to school. In case you don’t have anything, you can call them on: 0124 458 1000

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