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Everyone of you looking for a new activity to do with your friends after tiring season of exams and results. Everyone wants to hangout with friends in the city but this killing summer doesn’t leave much option for you. In this devastating ,energy sucking hotness, you need a covered shady place like a big mall or something. But many of mall have nothing in it except big brands to shop. And of-course you are not going to do shopping with your friends (unless you are a shopping freak).

So for this problem I bring you a idea for you, you can go for paint ball in Subhash Nagar mall. Although paint ball is present from a long time and it is out of trend now-a-days but it is still beter than roaming on the streets in this summer. Paint ball is located in Subhash Nagar Pacific Mall near Subhash Nagar Metro station. Although there are other places where you can do paint ball game like in GIP mall and other one is in kishan haat, New Delhi. In Subhash Nagar, it is located on second floor.

Paintball In Subhash Nagar Review:

Paintball is a portrayed field game in which you have to shot your enemies with a toy gun which looks like and functions like a real AK-47. But it has color bullets instead of real bullets(of-course).  They will give you a military look-a-like suit which you have to wear to protect your clothes. Apart from this they will give you a chest protection guard, a head protection helmet (light weight),gloves and a gun full of color bullets. The worst part is, the gloves and military suit is dirty and stingy as it was never washed from the time it was purchased. There is a referee who will tell you all the rules and functioning of gun, etc. You need to go in as large number as possible to enjoy it the most. More will be the group size, larger will be the fun 😛 .

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After that game begins, you will allowed to enter in the field with your weapons and both teams will be assigned to their area with a LOC between them. No player can cross their LOC .There are many obstacles behind which you can cover yourself. To make it more real , there are tyres, tins, drums and a bit of sand all over the place. You can hide, run in all directions to hit your enemies. Referee will count the number of hits each team will shot to each other and he will decide the winner. After it was a formality, a single referee can’t even observe one guy. He will tell the results by his own will but who cares you have to just focus on fun and thrill of the game. But the most important thing there is no security around neck and  below the vest so you have to take care of it because they will already make you sign on a form which will held yourself responsible for any injury or death.

Paintball Prices:

Over all the game is good, atleast once you can try. But they need to wash the suit and maintain their all equipments to keep it better. Referee should not interfere much, he shouldn’t try to be hero as it will make him jerk even. Prices for this paintball game is Rs. 200 for basic package. They will give you 25 bullets in Rs. 200 and there is no time limit. But you will empty you bullets within 15 minutes maximum. You can opt other plans which has more bullets in it but basic package is best because all fun which you can do in 25 bullets remains same if you will even increase the number of bullets. So go with your friends and enjoy this game and write ‘How is your experience’ to us.

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