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I have a great news for you if you are a pizza lover which I know you are. I am going to tell you an eating spot or a pizza spot where you will get pizza, pasta, sweet corns, garlic bread ice-cream, cold-drinks, salads in unlimited quantity @ just Rs. 250. Yes you read it right it is just 250 bucks. I know you love pizza and you often go Dominos and Pizza hut but because of their high charges , you cannot eat as much as you want . They charged you 400 or 500 for a medium size normal pizza which is not even enough for one person if you a pizza lover. Garlic bread, ice-cream plus cold-drinks will charge extra which will cross you’re a budget a lot and sometimes you decide not to eat pizza that time.

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Pizza Planet Location :

Here in this post I bring you an pizza point named as Pizza Planet. Pizza Planet is located near GTB Nagar Metro Station, opposite to Dominos (GTB Nagar). Their Pizza base size is even better than Dominos and pizza hut bas size. All you have to pay is RS. 250 ( Rs. 220 + Rs. 30 for service charges) for one person to avail his unlimited pizza buffet. You cannot do sharing in this buffet. You have to order as much buffet as many people are on table. And there is no way to bluff them and it is not required even, you will not get unlimited Pizza of this high quality anywhere in the Delhi atleast.

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Pizza Planet – Unlimited Pizza Details

So we move there ,first thing I noticed  ambience was good, not excellent. Light music is playing with LED lightning. They offered me menu but without looking at menu we offered 5 buffet as we are 5 friends. They have 20 counters where they are holding 5 types of Pastas, Some fruits (like watermelon, muskmelon etc.), 5 types of sweet corn (including pasta corn and Punjabi corn which is the best among all), and 5 types of salads which are of good taste too. We can eat from 20 counters till pizza is getting read , we don’t  need to wait in between. After this we order all 8 types of pizza. They have pizza of 8 topping (including all farmhouse, country special and everything we have in dominos). We order all 8 toppings with extra cheese plus 5 plates of garlic bread. You can order more if there is any space left in your stomach but you can’t left pizza in your plate as they will charge you for that if do. Eight medium size  pizza for 5 people are more than enough (when we already have pasta, corns, garlic bread and salad ). They will give you one small cold-drink (200 ml)  with it and it is not unlimited it is only one you get. After all your meal , you can order one ice cream and it is also single piece not unlimited.
After this appetite killing meal , you need to pay just 250 rupees that is the most amazing part in this meal.  It will give you a feeling of like you looted someone (specially a restaurant) :p .

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