Places In Delhi For Couples To Celebrate Valentine Day.



Valentine week is on and those who have partner are already celebrating and other are celebrating it a normal day. But my post is only for those who have partner on this valentine day. Others can also read this post, may be soon they will also get one (impossible for you :p ).

So, those who already have partner I know what is making you confuse on this valentine also i.e. where to take your girl on this valentine? You want to make your valentine special and spend some quality time with her and you also don’t want to spend much money on this day. So here in this post, I will tell you the best places in Delhi for couples where you can go with your valentine in a low budget.

Best Places In Delhi For Couples To Celebrate Valentines Day:

GIP Ebony Lounge Private

First Place is GIP Mall Ebony Lounge private. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner alone. So that no one can hear you talks and no one can see you or disturb you then this is the best place for you because love is all about expressing your emotions and feelings which can’t be expressed by just words. So this will be the best place for you if you can spend 2,000 rupees on valentine day. Here are some details of this place.

GIP Ebony private lounge is situated in Noida, nearest metro station is Noida sector 18. They will provide you a bed for couple covered with side curtains and bed is convert-able which you can convert it into sofas when you want just with a simple push button. GIP lounge gives you privacy to spend lovely moments with your dear-one. They will also give you two spongy, soft pillows with one bed-sheet to give you feel like your honeymoon. It is a movie for which your girlfriend always desire, so come on dude, save your pocket money for few weeks and give her a surprise to take your girl for a movie on this Valentine day.

But Movie Tickets of GIP Ebony Lounge 

Romantic Poolside Budget Restaurant

Garden restaurant is one of the best restaurant which you can visit with your girlfriend. It is situated in Lodi garden. It has different sections to sit. My favorite section is -THE DECK where you can sit with your girlfriend and it has a front pool view. Nothing can be romantic than this. The ambience of the restaurant is too good for a pleasant evening with your loved one. They have a live music band to give you special romantic atmosphere. This can be the best place where you can share your feelings or you can also propose her by requesting staff to play some romantic song.

Places To Visit With Girlfriend Only In Delhi

Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses : It is not just a garden , it is 20 acre covered area where you get calmness, peace where you roam with your partner and talk to her with full peace. No one is here to disturb you and you can spend lovely moments with her. It makes romantic atmosphere as it has lake inside it. It has all variety of food from street food to high quality restaurants. The garden itself is divided into distinct areas. On one side of the spiral walkway is theKhas Bagh, a formal garden patterned on the lines of the Mughal Garden. Slow-moving water cascades in channels along its length, while flowering and fragrant shrubs and trees line its paths. The Central axis leads to a series of fountains, some of which are lit up by fiber-optic lighting systems. Encapsulating the expression here is the sculpture of ‘A Fountain Tree”.

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