The Martain Review : The Martain 2015 is in theatres Today Matt Damon bring Mars to Life

Untitled1The Martain Review : The Martain is an American film based on science fiction , it is directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon. It is the long awaited movie finally hits the theatre. This film is adapted from Andy Weir’s novel , and it is always frightening to adapt the film story from novels.

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Matt Damon Starrer “ The Martain “ Reviews

The movie is in headlines globally stating that there is water has been discovered on mars , as it is based on science fiction , the film distributors calls it a coincidence or can say the biggest publicity stunt automatically as NASA has confirmed the discovery of water on planet mars.

The film is getting wonderful response of audience , things like special effects , dialogues , title and acting are fantastic. It is story having lots of science in it.

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In movie “ The Martain “ , Matt Damon plays the character of astronaut “ Mark Watney “, who on the inaugural manned mission to Mars is left behind, presumed dead, when the rest of the crew, on the order of their commander (Jessica Chastain), have to leave hurriedly during a ferocious storm.

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But Mark Watney is alive, and with the next expedition to Mars not due to arrive for another four years, yet only enough food to last him for a matter of weeks, he is in something of a pickle.


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