Timber Trail near Panchkula : Review|Price

You are in Chandigarh and you visited all places in Chandigarh like rock garden, rose garden , sector 17 market, etc. and you are finding more places to visit to make your journey more awesome. Then you can visit timber trail just 25 kms away from Chandigarh, located near Panchkula on Shimla highway. Timber trail is located in between mountains so you can also enjoy your ride in mountains also. Timber trail is a trolley or cable ride service which takes you from one mountain to another mountain. They will put you in a cabin in which 12-15 people can sit at once. It is a 8 minute ride from one hill to another hill. The experience is awesome, you can see the whole view from the windows of the cabin. The cabin travels on the cable wire and it is also an adventurous feeling. Your ears will be open-close mode because of high rate of change pressure in the hills. You can swallow your saliva to make your ears normal.
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Timber Trail Panchkula Review| Price

After a 8 minute ride, you will reach to another hill where you will found a 5 star resort where you get many things to enjoy. You can play badminton, basketball, cricket. You can even play Golf there. Some other adventurous sports are also there which includes rope gliding, tree climbing, rock jumping and many other games also. There is a cafe garden where you can eat something or drink tea or coffee, but there is nothing much to eat there. Only burgers and stale sandwiches are there which will costs you 100 bucks, which is not a good idea to even think of it. You can eat in resort restaurant where you get decent food of all varieties but for this, you have to pay little more.

Whole ride of this timber trail will cost you Rs.770 and if you have a child below 12 years, then it will charge Rs.500. It is worthy to visit there atleast once if you are in Chandigarh ...

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