Top 5 Home Remedies to reduce redness of pimple



Do you have Pimples on your face ? The appearance of pimple can cause embarrassment and one can lose confidence easily. Sometimes rinsing face twice or thrice a day is not sufficient. They can get worse, but there are many home remedies which are very effective for reducing the size and redness of pimple.

  • Apply Ice cube on pimple

To do this, you have to take a ice cube and wrap it in a clean cloth. Then apply it directly on pimple, but don’t press or apply it with pressure. Applying pressure on pimple can increase the redness of your pimple. Ice cube will reduce the bacteria that causes pimple to grow. You have to stay like that until ice melts. You can also use this home remedy for oily skin.

  • Apply toothpaste on Pimple

This is also very effective solution , it is also helpful in emergency as it helps to dry out the pimple in 1 night. Take a toothpaste and apply on the pimple with your finger and you can also leave it for a night . But be precautious while choosing toothpaste. Don’t go for red , blue or any gel type toothpaste. Always go for a White colored toothpaste. Try to use with lower amount of fluoride in it. It will dry your acne.

  •  Apply Baking Soda or Make a paste of Baking Soda

You can take Baking soda which is easily available in market and everyone use it in their kitchen. Before using baking soda treatment test for it on small portion of your skin. If irritation occurs then go for another method. Take baking soda and add water in it, don’t add too much water. Make a semi solid paste and apply on acne for 5-10 min and rinse off. If your skin is sensitive you can add sugar powder in this paste , it protects you from irritation. Follow the same procedure, apply it for 5-10 min and rinse off. It is also helpful in removing black heads. You have to rub this paste on your black heads, wait until it gets dry, then rinse off.

  •  Use Tea Tree oil  

Tea Tree products are very good for oily skin as well as acne prone skin. It is a anti microbial agent. You can take tea tree oil on cotton and apply it on acne. Dab it on your pimple and leave it overnight. It would reduce your pimple.

  •  Use Aloe Vera on skin



Aloe Vera plant can be found easily . Take aloe vera and cut it into two pieces. Apply the aloevera gel coming out of it on your acne or acne marks. You can directly put it on your acne.

These are the best home remedies that you can use without any side effects and without worrying about using costly products and cosmetics. Home remedies are always better for protecting your skin from bacteria causing pimples.

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