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Delhi, Capital of India, is famous for lot of things like food, monuments, nightlife, congested roads and much more. Although there are many problems in Delhi, but today I will tell you one of the biggest problem for Delhi People. Wait ! Wait! let me correct myself, it is not the problem for all Delhi people, it is a problem for Delhi couples. Yes I am talking about the place or privacy which Delhi couples want but they won’t get in these busy places. Yes, in Delhi we used to say, it is easy to find a girlfriend or boyfriend but it is not easy to do some private things with them because you won’t get private places in Delhi. What?? Why are you laughing? You think It is a Joke? So you tell where a normal couple can kiss in Delhi. (P.S – Because I am a boy that’s why I am using masculine gender in writing)

  • You can take your girlfriend at your home
  • You can’t kiss here at public roads
  • You can even kiss her at movie hall because now PVR has night vision cameras in it ( Shitty PVR) and of course you will not spend 200 rupees for just a kiss.

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And don’t dare to think beyond kiss because you don’t have a place for a kiss even. So, now you are taking it seriously. I think now you can understand how much difficult is life for couples. They have to think so much for just a kiss, how can you expect them to concentrate on their studies if they have to stress so much for a kiss. But like always, I have a solution for your problem. In this post I will tell you the best top secrets places where you can kiss your girlfriend or even can do much more than kiss :p .

Top Private, Secret Places For Couples In Delhi:

  • Bonta Park , North Campus

Bonta Park is one of the best place for couples because it is near to North campus, Delhi university and it is lonely silent place. You can have a walk here in this park where you will get some benches made in the silent places where you can sit and do what you want to do. You will meet other couples in you walk who are also doing the same thing for which you are here, so don’t disturb them so that no one will disturb you too. But beware of monkeys, sometimes they get wild 😛

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  • Japanese Park, Rohini

In Rohini, you will get a one of the biggest park of Delhi, here you have a very large variety of options, you can sit near the tree, you can sit in covered panchayat type sitting. You can have a bench, railing and bushes also 😛 . In this park, you can see a large number of couples are busy in doing everything. If you are lucky, you can also see the live human reproduction process but for that you need to come in afternoon.

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  • Ebony Lounge, Noida

If you don’t have money problem and you don’t like to do your private stuff in public places, then this is the place for you. In this movie hall you will get a double bed plus two pillows plus one bedsheet with curtains all around. You will get a 110 inch movie screen in front of you and no one is gonna disturb you. It is upto you, you can do what you want to do or you can also see the movie. Check here the prices and other details here.

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Right now i am short of time, will write other exciting places for you. So if you like my post, do like my post and don’t forget to share it.

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