Virat kohli Dubsmash HD Video Got Viral



Virat Kohli, Vice- Captain Of Indian cricket Team and expected to be the new captain of Indian cricket Team once Dhoni back off is once again in the news not for any abusive use of language but this time he is for his funny video. Virat Kohli made a dubsmash funny video a few days ago which got viral in the internet. Dubsmash is an application in which your video will display with original dialogues from movies songs or anywhere. You have to dub and synchronize your voice with them. It is the new thing which is getting popular among youth and even celebrities now.

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Virat kohli Dubsmash HD Video Got Viral :

Virat Kohli played a role of Babu Rao which is played by Parersh Rawal in film-“Hera Pheri”. Hera Pheri is the famous comedy film and they played a scene where Paresh Rawal slapped Akshay kumar with a dialogue “ye Babu Rao ka style hai”. This dialogue got very famous and this was now dubbed by Virat Kohli with his friend. Here in this video Virat Kohli is playing a role of Paresh Rawal and his friend acted as Akshay kumar.

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