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Splitsvilla 8 is full of twists and turns. Splitsvilla 8 is the dating love romantic show but you can see fights anger frustration too in this season which you can see in this episode. In Splitsvilla 8 September5 Episode 13, you can see more fights, frustrations and arguments instead of love and romance.

In Splitsvilla 8 September 12 Episode 13, there is a task between Zaan and Ishaan to save himself from dumbing zone. They have to fight in a task to save themselves. Task is a rugby match in which one has to defend the goal post and other has to put the ball in the basket. All contestants are supporting Ishaan but this make Zaan more angry and he killed Ishaan in the task. First, Zaan was the attacker. He put all 4 balls in the basket in the first attempt. Then Ishaan turn comes which makes him a little bit tired. Ishaan score only 1 ball in the basket and Zaan is the clear winner of the game.

Watch Mtv Splitsvilla 8 12 September  Episode 13 Full Episode :

In Splitsvilla 8 September 12 Episode 13, Second part is dating part. Ishaan and Amad are in the dumbing zone so they get a chance to go on a date with our Queen Subuhi. Subuhi likes Ishaan and it is all obvious after the date that Subuhi gonna save Ishaan and dumb Amad. Even Amad knows this. At the dumbing Zone, there is a fight going on between Subuhi, Amad and Vanessa. It is all obvious that Amad is going to be dumbed so Amad didn’t think twice to fight with queen.

But there is a twist which will come in next episode that is Book of Fortune. Book of Fortune will decide that who will gonna be dumbed this week. So lets see the twist next week , till that Watch Mtv Splitsvilla 8 September 12 Episode 13.

Watch here the Splitsvilla 12 September Full Episode

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