Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English

Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English: The Word Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word “Yuj”, which means “ to unite or to integrate”, approach to health that that promotes the harmonious union of the three components of a human being that are the body, mind, and soul.  Yoga is the holistic way of life to make a prayerful discipline, creating unity between the body, mind, and soul. Yoga is a disciplined method of attaining a goal, controlling the body and the mind, mainly Yoga makes unity between mind and body; action and thoughts; restraint and fulfillments; it makes a connection between man and nature. We are sharing Yoga Day Quotes in two languages i.e. Hindi, English. You may share these quotes on your social networks on the International Yoga Day 2016.

Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English

Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English
Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English

जब सांसें विचलित होती हैं तो मन भी अस्थिर हो जाता है।  लेकिन जब सांसें शांत हो जाती हैं , तो मन भी स्थिर हो जाता है, और योगी दीर्घायु हो जाता है। इसलिए , हमें श्वास पर नियंत्रण करना सीखना चाहिए।

ध्यान से ज्ञान आता है; ध्यान की कमी अज्ञानता लाती है। अच्छी तरह जानो कि क्या तुम्हे आगे ले जाता है और क्या तुम्हे रोके रखता है, और उस पथ को चुनो जो ज्ञान की ओर ले जाता है।

योग विश्राम में उत्साह है। दिनचर्या में स्वतंत्रता। आत्म नियंत्रण के माध्यम से विश्वास। भीतर ऊर्जा और बाहर ऊर्जा ।

योग हमें उन चीजों को ठीक करना सीखता है जिसे सहा नहीं जा सकता और उन चीजों को सहना सीखता है जिन्हे ठीक नहीं किया जा सकता।

कर्म योग में कभी कोई प्रयत्न बेकार नहीं जाता, और इससे कोई हानि नहीं होती। इसका थोड़ा सा भी अभ्यास जन्म और मृत्यु के सबसे बड़े भय से बचाता है।

योग मन को शांति में स्थिर करना है। जब मन स्थिर हो जाता है , हम अपनी आवश्यक प्रकृति में स्थापित हो जाते हैं , जोकि असीम चेतना है। हमारी आवश्यक प्रकृति आम तौर पर मस्तिष्क की गतिविधियों द्वारा ढक  दी जाती है।

Yoga Day Motivational Quotes In Hindi English

Yoga takes you into the present moment where life exists.

Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, joy and happiness.

It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver, and the yoga maintains this wealth nicely for life long.

Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.

The better you practice the brighter the flame will be.

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to know who we are.

The only way to experience true well being is to turn inward and meditation and yoga only help you to recognize your power.

Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way. With yoga we aware how and where we restricted either in body, mind or heart; and how gradually to open and release these blockages. As these blockages are cleared, our energy is freed. We start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. Our lives begin to flow or we begin to flow more in our lives.

Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine and Confidence through self-control.

The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from god and others, it is found in the ceaseless realization of yoga, in union; not on that side of canvas where it is blank, but on the side where the picture is being painted.

Yoga is the practice of quieting your mind.

Yoga is the stilling fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga is wonderful it clears up more health problems it also gives more overview.

Yoga is not just a workout, it is working on yourself.

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back and obviously you have to choose the path that leads you to wisdom.

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