Hair Transplant FUT VS FUE: Pros and Cons

Baldness is one of the most common problems people are facing today. It is spreading faster and now people at their young age are facing this problem. Mostly Male are facing this problem, generally known as Male Pattern Baldness.

When you are looking for hair transplant, you must come across two major techniques that are FUE and FUT. There are other techniques also which you must come across like DHFT and others also but they are the extension of these two techniques.

If you consulted any doctor, it is likely that they must force you to go through FUE, not FUT. They told you many pros for FUE and cons for FUT. But you should understand the basics of everything as everything in this world has some pros and cons also on the other side. There is nothing perfect in every case.

Similarly, FUT is good for some case whereas FUE is good for another case. Let’s explore the basics of both technologies and find out which technology is good for you. Before going into exploration, I want to tell you that I have personally gone through the Hair Transplant surgery from Delhi, India. After gaining a lot of knowledge, I have taken this decision. So, Let’s dive into the science.




FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation):

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is a technique in which a strip of your head is taken out through surgery and that part of your head(mostly back side) is called the donor area. After taking out strip of hair, donor area is stitched and then from that strip, individual graft (or hair) is taken out and transplantation is done at the recipient area or we can say bald area.

There is the old technique and there are some major drawbacks of this Techniques because of which most people don’t opt this technique. Let’s find out the problems in this technique:


Cons of FUT:


  • Long scar occurs on your head because of stitches. It is permanent but if it can be done by an expert, the hair above the stitches can hide your scar and it is completely invisible if you keep your hair long. If you shave your head then it will be completely visible but you can also remove by doing another surgery.
  • A bit painful as people say but I would say it is not very painful that you will scream in Operation theatre. It is more painful than FUE but you can bear the pain as anaesthesia is given to your head before surgery so you will hardly feel any pain but a little sensation only.
  • More Costly: Yes it is true that it is costlier than FUE method because it needs expertise and many people do not have the expertise for this technique. You will find very less number of clinics do FUT in comparison to FUE. It is 20-30 % more costly but I would suggest if you are going for a bigger decision of your life then this much money doesn’t matter as you want best result and money will not make any impact if you get the right treatment. You will get 50-70 Rs. Per graft for FUT.


These are the major factors because of which people don’t go for this technique but there are many other Pros which people ignore. Let us find out the Pros of FUT:


Pros of FUT:


  • The major benefit of this technique is that you can get more number of grafts at particular space if we compare it with FUE. It is more helpful if your baldness level is equal to or more than Stage. If FUE technique can give you 1500 grafts from one donor area then form the same donor area, you will get up to 2500 grafts which are 60% more than FUE. So if your donor area is limited and FUT is more suitable technique.
  • The major advantage of FUT is, you can opt for another surgery (FUT or FUE) after one surgery of FUT but If you will go for FUE then it is more likely that you donor area will exhaust and you cannot go for another transplant from the same donor area. In some cases, if your donor area is healthy then you can have to 3 surgery from the same donor area.


FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction):

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this technique, the individual graft is taken out from the head instead of the whole strip. It is surgery less and it is comparatively cheap in comparison to FUT. You can easily find doctors near your area if you live in any metro city. Let’s find out the pros and cons of FUE.

Pros of FUE:


  • It is cheaper than FUT.
  • Doctors are easily available for this technique. But you should be careful in finding a doctor.
  • Surgery takes less time. Almost 30 -40 % less time than FUT.
  • This is the modern technology which is used a lot nowadays.
  • The main advantage is that it is scarless. You will not have any permanent scar, the only temporary scar will be there that will last for 3-5 months maximum.


Cons of FUE:


  • It is less efficient as it will consume more area with less number of grafts.
  • After one surgery, you cannot go for another surgery if you need more grafts in future. So it kills the possibility of another transplant in future from the same donor area.


So, I would like to advice you to go through a detailed knowledge session before choosing your technique and your doctor also. Cross check everything from the internet. Don’t believe anything from 1 source only. You can check my blog for a detailed review of every small thing related to Hair Transplant as I have gone through the same.


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