Best Body LotionFor Dry Skin In India

Does your skin is getting patches or rashes? Does your soap dries your skin after bathing? It means your body skin is dry and you need body lotion for your dry skin. Dry skin occurs when your body doesn’t able to hold moisture and it happens because of many reasons like cold weather, medical conditions or excess use of soap or sometimes if you don’t use good Face wash. You should use good face wash according your skin. So here I bring Best body lotion for dry skin in India for you. Lets have a look.

Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin In India

1. Vaseline Total Moisture

One of the most popular body moisturizers in India, the Vaseline total moisture is affordable and effective. It comes with Soy protein and vitamin E extracts. Daily use helps in replenishing the lost moisture in the skin. It is manufactured with a revolutionary Stratys multi layer moisture technology which penetrates deep into the skin and gives intensive moisture, lasting upto 24 hours.

Price : 165/-

2. Himalaya Intensive Body Lotion

The Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body lotion comes with cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, wheatgerm oil and vitamin E extracts. The lotion with a creamy texture helps you get rid of all of your dry skin problems and the organic ingredients nourish your skin throughout the day. Wheatgerm oil boosts the skins elasticity and the high antioxidant properties of the lotion help in keeping the skin firmer and toned.

Price: 249/-

3. Ponds Body Lotion

Ponds body lotion is specially designed for dry skin.It contains minerals, vitamin E, Vitamin C and glycerin. Glycerin helps in protecting your skin from pollution. It has triple moisturizing solution which helps in moisturizing as well as provides glow to your skin. Both men and women can use this ponds body lotion and it has beautiful fragrance which smells very pleasant. It helps in filling enlarged pores which removes lines and wrinkles on skin.

Price: 199/-

4. Lotus Body Lotion 

Lotus body lotion has most number of positive reviews present in the internet. It has beautiful aroma present in any body lotion. You can apply it on hands, face and anywhere on skin. It is not very oily like some other brands. It has the exact amount of moisturizing content in it. I prefer you to use this if  you have a budget of 225 INR.

Price: 225/-

5. Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion 

The Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion comes with a deep care complex which penetrates within the epidermis of the skin to provide it the much needed moisture from within. The rich lotion that is composed of shea butter does not weight down on the skin and gets absorbed soon as you apply it. It stimulates blood circulation giving you really fresh looking healthy skin.

Price : 225/-

6. Nivea Nourishing Body Milk

The Nivea Nourishing Body Milk is made especially for women with very dry skin. The lotion easily spreads all over the skin due to its light formulation and it helps in replenishing the lost moisture from the skin. It is composed of avocado, almond oil and hydra IQ formula which moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Price: 249/-

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