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Your Blood Pressure is high ? Be aware, Approx. 18% of death cause in the world is High Blood Pressure. But, making slightly changes in your daily routine can bring it down without the help of any medication. Some people takes medicines to control it but it doesnot control your blood pressure , it just delays your health to become unfit .Medicines using for high blood pressure can have side effects on body, so doing naturally is a better way to bring your B.P. down. It will save your money and will also save you from side effects.

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Here are some Natural ways to bring your Blood pressure down, You should make the following changes in your daily routine;

  • NO CAFFEINE : Coffee is the main substituent which contains caffeine. It should be taken in Low Blood Pressure. The caffeine present in Coffee increases Blood pressure, so it should be avoided in High Blood Pressure. The Caffeine Quantity which should be taken in a day depends on person to person, It can be checked by monitoring the Blood pressure before and after 30 minutes of consumption of 1 cup coffee.
  • ¬†MEDITATION : Meditation is the best way to keep your Blood Pressure maintained. It helps you to stay Stress free which is the main cause of High Blood Pressure. Do Meditation daily, in starting for 10 minutes then further for 20-25 minutes. It will keep you relaxed
  • DEEP BREATHING : Start deep breathing in your daily exercises and when you are free. Studies have shown that deep breathing helps in removing the stress and slow downs your Blood pressure. Do it while sitting free, watching T.V, working on Computer, etc. Its better that you should notice your breathe while taking deep breaths.
  • ¬†EXERCISE : Exercise is a need of every body, however it is also effective in reduction of Blood Pressure. Exercises like Aerobics, Swimming, Running, Dancing, Brisk walking are the best for reducing your Blood Pressure. You should be regular to exercise, do it daily and maintain your Blood pressure.

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  • NO ALCOHOL : Say No to Alcohol. More or daily consumption of alcohol leads to heart diseases, liver diseases, hypertension and High Blood pressure. Studies have shown that Men who takes more than 2 drinks per day are more likely to have hypertension and high blood pressure. If you can’t control yourself for drinking then drink with eating, it reduces 80% effect on blood pressure.
  • LESS SALT : Sodium is the main reason for High Blood pressure. If your Blood pressure is high then reduce the intake of salt or Say No to Salt. Use less Salt in your Food. Avoid ready-made food. Avoid packaged Chips, Frozen snacks, biscuits,etc. as artificial preservatives contains high amount of Sodium.
  • AVOID JUNK FOOD : Say no to Fast foods like Pizza, Burger, Fries, etc. These unhealthy fats result in increase in Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Keep a check on you that how much you eat fast food and cut it down from your diet.

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