Delhi First Mohalla Health Clinic in Peeragarhi Details



A new initiative is taken in Delhi for the residents of Peeragarhi, Shkaurbasti Vidhan Sabha. The area doesnot have any other medical facility before this and they needed to go Paschim Vihar for this. We should say this is the much needed step in the health department as there are no Govt clinics in local areas and people have to
get treat them from highly paid doctors which is not affordable for everyone. Govt said” Peeragarhi relief camp is only a pilot project. We will observe the problems in this project and will try to eradicate them in their other medical relief camp. We will install 500 medical relief camp in all over Delhi, especially in poorer areas till the end of the year.”

Delhi First Mohalla Health Clinic in Peeragarhi Details :

Right now this Peeragarhi camp has a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist and a technician. It is a short team but they are full of enthusiasm to make this project successful.They are receiving a good response from the locals. They got 72 patients in just first 2 hours of opening. Delhi Health Minister visited himself in this clinic to observe the running of the project. He made sure that there is a facility for water cooler for pure drinking water an token machine for patients to get their number and other facilities too.It is like a dream project for Delhi govt. because it will not only give facilities to people on their doorstep but it reduces the patients in big hospitals too as people need to visit big hospitals for their day to day small diseases.Lets see how much this project be successful and what is written in the fate of Delhi people. Lets hope for the best.

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