Fitness Tips – Easy Workout Tips For Busy Moms

Fitness Tips – Easy Workout Tips For Busy Moms :unning behind your kids to get them to behave isn\’t a form of exercising! Whether you\’re a working or stay-athome mom, your daily schedule is bound to be jam-packed.

Fitness Tips – Easy Workout Tips For Busy Moms

Here are some simple fitness tips moms must follow: Set aside time for exercising:Just like you make time to cook or attend a PTA meeting, budget time for your workout.

Dedicate at least 45 minutes.

To focus, exercise early in the morning, before your mom-duties begin or in the evening when the kids aren\’t around.

Involve your kids: Discover workout routines that involve your children.

This will encourage them to be physically active and will also help you spend quality time with your child.

Activities like yoga allow the participation of mothers as well as toddlers, while older kids can enjoy dance-based exercises like Zumba with their moms.

Gyms have come up with \’mommy and me\’ classes, specifically designed to bring your kids along with you.

Turn your home into a gym: If the commute from your home to the gym takes away precious minutes of your day, work out at home, at your own convenience.

Get your hands on fitness DVDs and online exercise videos, that will help you come up with a fitness routine you can follow at home, minus all the fancy gym equipment! Eat like a mom: Because mothers are constantly multitasking, they need to include those foods in their diet that will fuel and replenish their bodies.

Incorporate lean protein and complex carbohydrates and avoid excess sugar, carbonated drinks and processed or pre-packaged foods.

9 am: Have three egg whites with two slices of toasted brown bread and a glass of milk without sugar 1 pm: Eat a bowl of papaya  3 pm: A bowl of sprouts5 pm: One chapati with dal and fibrous salads 7 pm: Vegetable or chicken soup and a bowl of brown rice with raitaConsult a dietician before changing your dietHope you enjoyed this article and gained information about Fitness Tips – Easy Workout Tips For Busy Moms. For more details stay connected with us. Also, you can put your queries in Comment Box, we will respond quickly.Don’t forget to share this article with your near dears on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, digg, google plus, linkedin, stumbleupon, etc. Be Happy

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