Fitness tips – Excercising Makes You Happy

Fitness tips – Excercising Makes You Happy :ollywood actress and former beauty queen Gul Panag is a fitness fitness freak and believes that it is the discipline in your routine that makes you stand apart.

Fitness tips – Excercising Makes You Happy

Clearly the secret of her energy and beauty lies in her fitness routine and regulated lifestyle.

Gul Panag is among the hottest and fittest actresses in the Indian film industry and has been a prominent icon for women\’s fitness for several years now.

She is co-founder of MobieFit Technologies and Brand Ambassador, The Great India Run.

The charming dimpled actress shares her fitness mantra with us.

1.What\’s the secret to your amazing body? .

A disciplined exercise regimen and mindful eating.

There has to be a definite balance between the two.

2.What\’s the longest duration you\’ve gone without exercising? Sometimes your schedule takes over everything.

I may have gone without exercising for probably a month at the max.

3.Does not going to gym affect your mood? How? Exercising in any form… gym or by yourself elevates your mood by releasing endorphins in your body.

It is also a great stress buster.

Not exercising means you are not releasing endorphins and hence your body would feel under strain of stress.

4.Do you believe in following diets? Once you are aware of the role of food as a primarily source of nutrition, things fall into place automatically.

All one needs to ask oneself is “is this good for me?” Hence, one has to focus on the right eating habits.

5.Vegetarianism or non -vegetarianism? Both.

6.Your fitness mantra? Fitness is subject to how disciplined you are.

Being careful and watchful about what you are eating and a disciplined exercise routine will be good enough to keep you healthy and hearty.

1.Is running a complete workout? Running is a great way to start your fitness journey.

To become a stronger & better runner however, one needs to incorporate strength and flexibility training as well.

12.What\’s the kind of diet (fuel) one needs pre running and post running? Both should comprise a mix of protein and carbohydrates.

Eating a fruit before and after also works.

You should eat such stuff which is easy to digest.

Add water levels according to your body needs.

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