Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi, India

If I will be frank, hair transplant cost in Delhi is not so different than other metro cities of India. Price is same all over India if you find different price than it is not because of place to place but it is because of quality of doctor you are consulting.

If price or fees are more than it doesn’t mean the doctor is good and vice-versa is also not true. You can select a best hair transplant doctor by simply following simple tips.

Let’s not make it more general like other blogs, I will try to give you some lump sum idea of hair transplant cost. Hair transplant cost depends on three factors:

  1. Number of grafts needed
  2. Type of technology needed
  3. Quality of doctor who is doing surgery


The average cost of a graft is Rs. 30- Rs. 80. Here I am considering you are going through natural hair transplant, not an artificial transplant. Generally, FUE is cheaper than FUT. Every doctor who operates both kinds of surgeries has a lower price for FUE and higher cost of FUT as FUT needs more skill. You must know the difference between FUT vs FUE.


There are different level of baldness stage, so first you need to decide your baldness stage. You can check your baldness stage here. The number of grafts can go from 100 to 8000, depending upon your baldness level and it also depends on your donor area also.


50 rupees per graft is the average price in which you can easily find a good doctor in Delhi. But it doesn’t mean all those doctors who charge Rs. 50 and less than that are not good.


I am giving you an example in which you can find an estimated budget for your hair transplant in Delhi. Let’s say you are at stage 5 of baldness and at that time you need 2500 grafts. So according to Rs. 50 per graft, you will be charged Rs. 1,25,000. It can be done in one sitting and you need regular medicines after that which will cost you around 1000 -1500 rs. Per month. Your medication will go lifelong or until the time you want your hair on your head.

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