Home Remedies And Tips For Hair Growth

Tips for hair growth

Tips for hair growth
Tips for hair growth

In today’s world ,large chunk of population facing hair problem issues like hair fall, thinning of hair ,patches of baldness etc. It can occur because of many reasons but the main reason behind this worldwide spreading problem is the diet. We, especially the youngsters don’t take care of our diet at all. Instead of having vitamins, proteins in our diet ,we prefer to take pizza pasta or other oily, fried junk food which deficient the necessary nutrients in our body. The other reasons for the same problem can be stress, excess tension, hereditary problems or increasing population.

I was also suffering from the same problem but I took correct steps at the correct time which help me to prevent my remaining hair and promotes hair growth. These are the Home remedies and tips for hair growth.

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Tips for Hair Growth

  • Main problem for hair-fall or thinning of hair is Dandruff. One should take necessary steps to remove dandruff as soon as possible. To remove dandruff you can apply anti-dandruff shampoo in an alternate day period gap.
  • You can also apply aloevera or curd water to you scalp. (Warning: Do not apply curd water for more than 20 minutes).
  • We can drink amla in juice form. It is very rich in nutrients which is necessary for hair.you can take amla in another solid form but it should be in raw form , it should not be baked or cooked like amla ka murabba etc. So avoid cooked and baked form of amla. You can also appy directly to your hair before bath.
  • Do not apply excess oil to your hairs. Although if possible avoid use of oil as maximum as possible if you are facing excessive hair fall. If your hairs are silky and you want to apply oil then apply only at hair not on scalp as it increases the dandruff.
  • Do not apply comb at wet hair as it increases the hair-fall because wet hair are much weaker than dry hair.
  • Use henna shampoo instead of other chemical contained shampoos available in the market as it prevents your hair from chemicals and gives you natural therapy.
  • The main ingredient which you should add to your diet and you should strictly follow is GREEN TEA. It is powerful anti-oxidant and it helps to control DHT and chloestrol attack on your hair.It promotes health and it is also good for your health. But you should take green tea WITHOUT SUGAR else it is of no use. 2 cups of green tea without sugar is a must part of your diet.
  • Other ingredients which you should add to your diet is pumpkin seeds (which is also an inhibitor of DHT). Black dates ( which are rich sources of iron).
  • Soya bean is another ingredient which you can’t miss from your diet. It is a rich source of ferritin which is very necessary for body as it stores iron for the body. If your body is lack of ferritin, your body cannot store iron for itself.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking as it is the main reason for hair loss generally observed in people.
  • Avoid junk food, oily food and excess of baked food.
  • Reduce intake of red meat as it is the DHT activators which damages roots of hair.
  • Regular exercise can improve blood circulation of body which include blood circulation of brain which is good for health of hair.

These are the common and general steps which you can adopt for your hair growth at home. All things are easily available at home. There is no need to go market for any of the item mentioned above.

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