How To Lose  Weight Naturally



Losing weight naturally is the best method to lose weight.It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea but if you follow below steps you can lose weight in a few days.All you have to do is to make some changes in your Eating Habits and Lifestyle Habits.

Change Your Eating Habits:

  1. Say No To Processed Foods:

Avoid eating processed foods like bacon,cheese,etc as they contain large amounts of fats,sodium and sugar.

  1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables:

Both fruits and vegetables play an important role in our weight management.Most fruits and vegetables like apples,spinach are low in calories and fat but high in fiber.

  1. Reduce Sugar Intake:

Reduce intake of sugar in  your food as it contains lots of calories that can cause you to gain weight.

Advantages of Green Tea

  1. Drink Green Tea:

Green tea is the healthiest Beverage.It consists of loads of nutrients and antioxidants.It helps in reducing body fat which further helps in reducing weight.

  1. Drink Water:

Drinking atleast 8 glasses of water everyday can help you with weight loss.It will also keep you energized throughout the day.

Avoid drinking Artificial Juices and soft drinks as they contain lots of calories.

  1. Avoid Junk Food:

Junk Food like Burgers,Pizzas,Chips contain high levels of calories,fats,sugar,salt.So, consuming junk food can lead to Obesity,cardiovascular diseases,weight gain,etc.Replace Junk food with healthy foods like fruits,vegetables or dairy products.

  1. Chew Food Properly:

You should chew food properly as it helps in digesting it easily.Eat slowly and don’t eat more food if you feel full.


Change Your Lifestyle Habits:

  1. Do Regular Exercise:

Do full body workout like pushups,leaps,squats daily to reduce weight.Doing regular exercise helps you in burning the excess calories that you consumed.

  1. Burn Extra Calories:

Walking is the best exercise to burn excess calories.If you walk more and that too at a faster pace then it will help you in burning more calories.

  1. Do some Household Chores:

Doing household chores like cleaning the home,washing clothes by hand,etc can help you in burning about 80 to 500 calories.

  1. Climb stairs instead of taking Lift:

Climbing stairs is a very good cardiovascular exercise.Do it several times a day and you could see the difference in your weight in a few days.

Always keep a positive attitude towards losing weight and keep in mind that ‘I can and I will’.


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