Neck Pain : Cause And Home Remedies



Neck pain by definition is not a serious injury but it is a problem from which people of all ages are suffering just because of hectic schedule of life. However this pain can be minor or major. If it is major, you should consult doctor but if it is minor,  you can use any of the given home remedies. There are many reasons of originating of this severe pain in your neck. Check out some general causes of neck pain.

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Causes of Neck Pain:

  • Generally observed cause for back pain is sitting at one position for a long period of time. It stops the blood circulation and shrinks the muscles of neck which causes neck pain.
  • Other reason can be, if you sleep in air conditioned room with bare neck. It can jams your blood vessels of neck which can cause pain to your neck.
  • Carrying a heavy suitcase can cause pain to your neck.
  • A sudden jerk to your neck can give a severe pain to your neck.
  • A cramp, which is sudden involuntary contraction of muscle or over-shortening of it, can be reason for neck pain.

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These are the basic causes for the neck pain. Now I am going to tell you the basic home remedies which you can easily adopt and get relief from this neck pain.

Neck Pain Remedies

  • Apply cold water bottles or ice-packed cloth to that specific area which helps to heal the contraction of muscle and it also gives you instant relief to the pain. As cold water makes pain to disappear because of coldness of water.
  • If pain is older than a week then you should go for heating pads therapy. Apply heating pad or hot towel (as hot as you can bear) to your neck , it will give you relief and it will heal your problem from inside. Basically heating pads are used to kill inside pain which occurs because of shortening of muscle.
  • Donot sit in a same position for a long period of time.
  • Apply anti-inflammatory medicines which are easily available to your nearest chemist shop.
  • A gentle massage with some oil can open the blockage of blood (if any) and will give you instant relief from neck pain. Massage will also help in case of contraction of muscle.
  • Try to avoid enter into a place where is sudden shift of temperature(from cold to hot or hot to cold place).
  • Rest is the finest solution of all types of pain as it gives rest to not only body but all machinery of your body like muscles veins,etc.

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