Proper Diet For Abs



Want to build up Abs ? or Want to maintain your Abs ?

With Exercises and Workouts you should eat right food. Here are some secret foods which helps to build up and maintaining Abs for a long time. Eat the food which can help in Obesity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Strong Muscles. Follow diet also with other workout for Abs. This Diet plan is made after calculating calories in each food item.

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Here are some of those foods;

  • BEANS : Beans helps in digestion and builds muscles. It helps in building new Abs and maintaining it.. I also reduces fats from muscles. It also fights Obesity, Blood Pressure, Colon Cancer and any kind of heart diseases.
  • EGG : Egg also helps in building up the muscles, especially egg white. It fights obesity and helps in burning muscular fats. Those who want Abs should eat eggs atleast 3 times a week.
  •  OLIVE OIL : If you want to build up Abs then start using Olive oil in cooking. It control cholesterol and builds up Immune system and muscular system also. It fights Obesity, Blood Pressure, Heart diseases.Careful : Read All Swine Flu Symptoms
  • NUTS : Nuts especially almonds, It builds up muscles and reduce carvings. It fights Muscles loss and helps in building up Abs. Also, heart diseases, Wrinkles, High blood pressure, etc, It hardens your muscles.
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS : Dairy products like Low-fat Milk, Cheese, Yogurt make your bones stronger and helps in reducing fat. It fights Osteoporosis, High blood pressure,etc. As it makes your bones stronger, it helps in muscles build up. It will help in making abs.
  • PEANUT BUTTER : It builds up muscles and keeps them strong. It helps in prevention of muscles loss. It fights Obesity, Wrinkles, Pigmentation.
  •  SPINACH : Spinach gives nutrition to the molecules that accelerate the aging process which helps in keeping the muscles strong and maintaining Abs.
  • OAT-MEALS : It also reduces fats from the body and prepare you to build up Abs. It reduces cholesterol, maintain sugar level. It fights obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and makes muscles strong.

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