Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine flu symptoms

Swine flu symptoms
Swine flu symptoms

Swine flu is the most trending and dangerous viral spreading all over the world including India. Casualty number is increasing day by day due to swine flu in India. It is serious threat to life in India and it also become a headache for the central as well as state governments also. Till 3rd of march ,casualty number went upto 1198 and 22,240 have been affected with this H1N1 flu in India. Gujrat stands at the first place with 292 casualties.


What is Swine flu

Swine flu  is a disease of pigs. It is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by one of many Influenza A viruses. Approximately 1% to 4% of pigs that get swine flu die from it. It is spread among pigs by direct and indirect contact, aerosols, and from pigs that are infected but do not have symptoms.Most commonly, swine flu is of the H1N1 influenza subtype. However, they can sometimes come from the other types, such as H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2.


In this scenario one should take care of one’s health and give attention to it. Here I am telling you the swine flu symptoms or we can say symptoms of swine flu :

  • Extreme body aches
  • Sinus pressure with extreme ache
  • Rough cough
  • Sore throat
  • No appetite, appetite is loss .You have to eat something because you have to .
  • Up and down of high fever.
  • You can take cold medicines . It will help you for short period but not able to relief you for longer time.
  • Digestive system can mess up.
  • If infection is in severe condition, one can face pneumonia also.

If you are suffering from any or many of the above symptoms and you should not think twice to go for full checkup and take full treatment from authorized doctor. As all symptoms look like normal viral fever so one should take it seriously and go for a full checkup.

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