Day 1 at Accenture as Lateral Joinee

You must land to this page because soon you will be joining Accenture and you must be very excited about it. In this post I will share my experience how was my first day and what exactly it includes. I will try to cover all the formalities with details so that you don’t have to ask any of your Accenture friend and It will also help you to get yourself ready with all documentation also.

I have joined Accenture Bangalore (Bellandur location) which is the IT hub of India in October, 2017. I joined as a Big data Developer having 2 years of total experience. I joined at career level 11 as you need 3 years of experience for career level 10 and designation is Application development analyst. All the information will be same for all levels, it will not change according to career level. First I will tell you what they asked me to bring on the first day. These are the following documents which they asked me to carry:

  1. Two clear print out copiesof the latest e offer letter along with the Compensation Plan sheet which you have received from your recruiter (1-7 Pages).

One clear print out copies of Compensation Plan sheet (Excel Sheet) which you have received from your recruiter with Offer Letter.

  1. Two setof clear cut copy of the Terms of Employment (1-8 Pages).
  2. Two copiesof Relieving Letter/Employee certificate/Service certificate Letter/Resignation acceptance letter/Resignation acceptance Mail with End Date (dd-mm-yyyy format) of Current Previous Organization – As mentioned in the Employment Application Form (EAF) .
  3. Passport size photographs (6Nos.).
  4. Two Clear photocopiesof PAN Card. (Carry original Pan Car as well)
  5. Two Photocopiesof any DOB proof document (Passport/Driving license/10th mark sheet)
  6. One Photocopyof highest degree certificate or provisional degree certificate (Register Number Mandatory) and Photocopies of consolidated mark sheet or all semester mark sheets.
  7. One Photocopyof a document that contains PF account number which is currently active (Pay slip or Form 16 from your previous organizations).
  8. One Photocopyof ESI card – If applicable
  9. Two Clear photocopiesof Aadhar Card. (Carry original Aadhar Card as well):

You need to carry all your documents without fail. If you don’t carry still they will take care of it but it will take more effort for them as well as you too. With me there were 97 joinees also who joined on the same day. I will tell you the whole procedure:

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  • First you will reach by location at 9 Pm. They will create a temporary ID card which will be valid for 1 week only.
  • Then they will shift you to some room, auditorium depending upon the number of students and HR will start collecting all your documents.
  • They will call you one by one and verify your offer letter with Aadhar card and pan card.
  • They will give you some form regarding PF, Policy form, feedback form, etc.
  • Then they will give you one sheet which has information regarding your Project code/bench code, working location, Person of Contact (POC), Supervisor and buddy (in case you are in project).
  • After that you have to contact your supervisor or POC and ask them about your seating place (they call it working space (WS) or cubicle you can say).
  • Accenture has many campuses in all over the city (Bangalore) so they call the campus with name like Bang 1, Bang 2, Bang 3, etc. or BDC1 (Bangalore Development Center), BDC 2, BDC 3. Similarly for other city like Chennai CDC 1, CDC2, etc. So don’t confuse with the names.

That’s it for the Day 1 and please check Day 2 findings to know more about it.

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