Day 2 at Accenture As Lateral Joinee

In this post I am going to tell you about how was my Day 2 in Accenture as a lateral joinee. You can read about Day 1 in my previous post. I am writing this post so that you will become familiar with the terms and procedures used in Accenture and you don’t have to ask any of your friend who is already in Accenture. I joined in Accenture Bangalore, rest of the details you can read it in my previous post.

Where Day 1 was focused on On-boarding and document process, here Day 2 is more about finding right things to complete it.

You will get an Accenture Booklet which has mentioned all the tasks which you need to complete it within next two weeks. Lets start with sequence:

What is the right time to leave your company?

  • After contacting your POC, you will get to know your work location(WS) so you go to your work location and login to your account with id and temporary password which is mentioned in the sheet given at the end of On-Boarding process. If you don’t get PC then do not wait for it, just go to library or training room (ask from reception for it).
  • After logging, go to and change your password with given instructions in Accenture booklet.
  • In Accenture you have to fill timesheet for you attendance. If you are in project then you have to submit your timesheet to your manager in every 15 days. Otherwise if you are on bench then you have to reach office before 9.30 AM and login to your PC and mark Online attendance to and then go to your POC desk and mark manual attendance by signing a sheet. All these activities needs to be completed before 9.30 AM, otherwise half day will be deducted from your leave. Same things needs to be done for Sign-out activity between 5 PM to 10 PM.
  • After marking attendance and changing password, you need to fill your information on all the portals (your POC will send you details regarding this).
  • If you are in project then rest of the things will be asked by your manager, otherwise your supervisor will give you training schedule and activities if you are on bench.
  • You need to declare tax claim and fill your Bank account details that will be told by your POC through mail id.

Problems which I faced was there were so many portals with different domains so better make a note of all the addresses as there is no single portal (centralized) for everything.

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