How to Get 20 Lakhs Package in Infosys or TCS

Infosys or TCS is known for its low salary to its employees. They are usually famous for hiring a large number of people and giving a very low package to them. You may not need high skills to enter into these companies but you will also not get a high package. In that case, you are not expecting a 20 Lakhs package in this kind of companies but you may get 20 Lakhs salary in these companies also. So if you are asking Can I get 20 Lakhs package in Infosys or TCS then my answer is yes.

Yes, you hear it right my answer is Yes you can get the 20 Lakhs package per annum in Infosys. Here are the few scenario in which you can get this:

  • If you have more than 10 years of experience in IT industry then you can get hired as Senior Project Manager/ Senior Technical Architect which is Job Level 6 in Infosys. Infosys has total 11 Job levels and if you join Infosys as a fresher you will be joined as Job level 3 (systems engineer). So if you are having more than 10 years of experience with good skills, you can be hired as level 6 or above then you have chances that you will get 20 lakhs per annum.
  • You can get 20 lakhs per annum in Job level 4 also, but for that, you need to grab an onsite opportunity. If you get the US as on-site then your package will be around 84,000 $ per annum in which 30% amount will get deduct as Tax and you will get 58000$ per annum which is way more than 20 lakhs. If you get the UK or some other good economical countries then also your package will be more than 20 Lakhs Rs, according to Indian currency.
  • If you have done MBA then Infosys can hire you as a Consultant who has relative much higher package than an engineer. Infosys can give you a package of 20 LPA if you have more than 8 years of experience and you have some consultant experience also. I have a colleague having a total experience of 8 years with 5 years as a consultant in Deloitte he has a package of 20 LPA.
    How to get Project In Infosys?
  • If you join as an Edgeverve employee which is a subsidiary of Infosys. It is a product based subsidiary, here you can get more than 20 lakhs even with just 5 years of experience. If they have a requirement, they can give you any package if you have desired skill.
  • Infosys sometimes need a person for some temporary or small project, in that case, they hire you as a temporary employee. In that case, knowledge needed is very high. So if possess that knowledge and that skill, you will get paid whatever amount you said.

Infosys Exact Salary Structure

There are other more ways through which you can get this package but which I cannot tell you in this post. Leave a comment to know more about it.

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