Airtel And Vodafone trying Their Best To Compete With Jio But No Luck

Has Vodafone and Airtel really countered Jio’s offer?

Vodafone and Airtel are competing with Jio’s offer, post 31st March while currently Jio gives 30GB of free data with highest speeds across the country, which can be verified from TRAI myspeed check website. Jio is giving 1GB data per day in its new Happy new year offer till 31st march.

Vodafone and Airtel are trying their best to compete with Jio but they are not able to match Jio’s offer. They are not offering VoLTE services, which is a matter of experiencing crisp, clear HD voice first hand. Jio is the only network provider which is providing VoLTE network.

My Jio Vs My Airtel

Their app ecosystems lag far behind Jio’s apps both in terms of popularity, ratings and most importantly content libraries (barring, maybe Wynk music). Here are some stats of applications of Jio and Airtel.

  • The recent My Airtel app looked like an exact copy of the My jio app even the branding was done in such a way that it would look like the Jio Apps. My Airtel app has copied the idea of integration of all applications.
  • My Jio has more than 10 million downloads where my airtel has only 5 million downloads on google play store. Even the rating of My jio app has slightly higher than airtel application which is 4.3 over airtel 4.2.
  • Even the rating also matters. Jio has slightly higher rating than My Airtel app. My Airtel has 4.2 rating where Jio app has 4.3 rating
  • Excluding the above, Jio app ecosystem has a clear lead with the Jio TV app, which has rich live content from around 400 channels, many of which you can only avail via expensive cable TV subscriptions
  • Also, the Jio app ecosystem has various other apps like JioChat, Jio4GVoice, JioNewspaper, JioCloud, JioMags, JioSecurity and JioXpressnews

They are assuming that Jio’s tariffs will remain as they are, even post 31st March while Jio has yet not announced any amendments to its plans and it’s a long way to go before that deadline.

Jio is giving free home delivery of its sim which proves to be the subscriber booster for people as there are no big queues on Jio digital stores. People can easily get their sim at their home according to their convenience.

Excluding the above Reliance Jio also is the one to get the Telecom Industry entirely revolutionized by getting in E-KYC and free calls for life rest of the telecoms just tried to either copy it or tried imitate it.

Vodafone Hourly Package Hidden Details :

Vodafone has recently introduced hourly offer for its customers. Here are the details of the offer.

  1. It is available only for prepaid customer.
  2. Speeds will be normal depending on your handset 3g or 4g
  3. Nobody can do a continuous recharge as the clock resets every hour meaning one cannot recharge till one’s one hour is up, and also takes an hour to activate the pack.
  4. If your hourly plan exhaust before 1 hour, so you have to wait for 1 hour. Only after you can recharge again for next hourly package.

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