Appu Ghar Oysters Gurgaon Vs. Worlds Of Wonder Noida


Delhi is melting with 45 degree temperature. There is no place left where you can spend your day with your loved ones. In this scenario, water park is one of the options, although you may have a problem of tanning but water is so cool that you will really enjoy visiting there. In this post I am going to review two best water parks of Delhi NCR. One is Oysters Appu Ghar which is located at Gurgaon, near Huda metro station and other is Worlds of Wonder which is located at Noida, near GIP mall. Here are the two detailed reviews of both water parks.

Appu Ghar Oysters Gurgaon Vs. Worlds Of Wonder Noida

Oysters Water park is situated near Huda City Metro Station, yes the last station in yellow line. You can take a walk from metro station to oysters park. I know it is very from Delhi Main city especially if you live in north Delhi, it will take 90 minutes to reach your destination. Park will open at 11:00 A.M, so leave as early as possible because trust me you don’t want to miss any ride. Park is full of fun activities and timing is only 11 to 6 so try to reach by 11:00 A.M sharp.

Oysters Water Park Gurgaon Entry Ticket Price

As most of you come to my blog after searching for Oysters Water Park Gurgaon ticket price, so let me tell you ticket prices have been revised. When I visit to this park, they will charge only 600 rupees for general entry now ticket prices are as follows:

Rs. 600 – Kids

Rs. 600 – Senior Citizens

Rs. 1200 – General Entry(single person)

There are special discounts for school packages but there are no discounts for couple. Main reason is that management wants to make it a family park so they don’t want to encourage couples for their park as other parks atmosphere is not good for families.


When you enter into the park, they will give you locker space where you can put your belongings. Here are the highlights of the Oyster Water Park Gurgaon.

Worlds Of Wonder Biggest Water In Delhi NCR

  • 100 Rupees for one locker plus 100 rupees for locker security (Refundable).
  • Locker size is 16 x 16 x 12 inch (where 12 inch is depth)
  • Locker size is just enough for one person belongings, don’t think of sharing the locker.
  • You can wear only nylon costumes in water park. If you donot have one you can buy it from them. It will cost around 300 rupees for girls and 200 rupees for boys. Rates can vary depending upon size.
     Buy Swimming costumes
  • You can carry phones, cameras and any other electronic gadgets but at your own risk.
  • You cannot carry food items, beverages inside the water park until person is having some serious disease. Security has to take a call whether to allow or not.
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  • Right now Oyster Water park Gurgaon has 16 rides and soon it will become 22.
  • 16 rides include pool for kids, adults, some small water rides for kids. It has a lazy river in which you just have to lie down into an air tube and water flow will automatically take you for a round.
  • Wave pool will give you the best experience in this water park. In wave pool, they artificially generate the wave similar like an ocean. Splash hit by the wave in this pool will make you fresh and shock at the same time.
  • Best ride is OMG (Oh My Gurgaon). They will put you in a chamber at a height of 90 feet and count down will start 3 – 2 -1 and suddenly floor under your feet will open and you will enter into a 360 degree tunnel. It is a free fall from 90 feet and after taking a 360 degree ride and you will end up in pool. You cannot miss this ride, I advise you to take no food before this ride else you will end up in your vomit instead of water pool.
  • There are other rides for kids as well as adults. DJ will play with rain dance all over the time.
  • Oyster Water Park has food court which can accommodate 100 people in it and there are seating of approx. 175 people outside the food court. Food is good and you will get all types of food – North Indian, South Indian, Italian, beverages etc. Even price is affordable not to high, not too low. Leave the food, you have so much other activities to do. Trust me you can live 7 hours without food.

Over all it’s a great park with new rides and activities along with food and dance. I know it too far from Delhi main city and also price is little bit costly now, but it worth it. It is the cleanest water park in Delhi NCR. You cannot miss this water park in this season. So go now and book your tickets of heaven.
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Worlds of Wonder Vs Oysters Appu Ghar

Worlds of Wonder is the largest amusement park of North India. It is located near Sector 18 noida metro station and it is present near one of the largest malls of Delhi NCR that is GIP Mall (The Great India Place Mall).

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I have visited there with my friends in 2015 and I am going to share my experience with each detail so that it will be easy for you to know about everything which will come as a doubt in your mind regarding Worlds of Wonder Water park.


I went there along with my 8 friends. We went there through metro . You need to take blue line metro and the nearest metro station is Noida sector 18 through which you have to walk around 400 m to reach to your destination.

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Ticker Prices

Weekdays –

Child – 849          Adult- 1099              Senior citizen(Above 60 years) – 450


Child -999           Adult -1299                Senior citizen -450

As we all were adults and we went there on Sunday ,so we had to pay Rs. 870 per person (old prices) for entry ticket.

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I suggest you to bring a small carry bag in which you should take a towel, a shampoo or a soap, swimming costume or a t-shirt/shorts( all costumes should be of nylon ). If you don’t bring these things with you, then it will make you lose more money. Towel charges are Rs. 300 if you purchase it and costumes prices vary depending upon size but approx it will cost you Rs. 150-300. Don’t think to get these things on rent as they are in very bad condition and it will make you sick as water diseases are communicable.

Worlds Of Wonder : Rides and Detailed Review

Apart from this you have to pay 100 Rs. for locker and it is so small that only one person stuff is enough for it. And you have to pay  Rs.100 security also which will be refunded to you if you return back locker’s key. This is all you have to pay to start your unforgettable fun( food charges are extra and you cannot take outside food in the park).


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