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Momos is the new food anthem for Delhi food lovers. Momos hit the Indian market 3 years ago and then after it has become so popular among delhiites that every street, every corner has momo stall. Some points become so famous that people do not think twice to travel more than 10 km to eat a single plate of momos. Delhi has always been famous for its food. Here people love to travel, roam around the streets and eat the spicy food in their free time. Momos is the new snack which has spicy sauce with it which is as spicy as red chilli. In this post I will take you to all Delhi corners which serves Delhi’s best Momos in the city.

  • Chalte Firte Momos

If there is someone who gives the name of foodie to Delhi, then that crowd is Delhi University north campus crowd. DU North campus crowd is famous in all over India for its fashion style and for their taste buds. You will get all famous restaurants in North campus where food is slightly different in taste as well as in presentation.  So my first place is Chalte Firte Momos. They serve varieties of food like Tandoori, mozzarella, Manchurian , Butter Steamed Momos.


Price list of Chalte Firte Momos

Rs. 80 -140 for Veg Momos

Rs. 80 – 150 for Non-Veg Momos

Rs. 100- 180 for Tandoori Afghani Momos

  • Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti, as its name suggests is Tibetan theme based restaurant where you will get Himalayan touched flavor momos. It is famous for its Newari and Aaloo Momos served with Chilli and sesame sauces which you will not get anywhere else in Delhi. This restaurant will serve you with light Himalayan music which is very refreshing and soothing and will give you peace.

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Price list of Yeti Momos

Rs. 185 for Veg momos

Rs. 235 for Non Veg Momos

  • Giri momos

Next Place is located in Pitampura, behind Kohat metro station. Giri momos is famous in north Delhi and this place will serve you 140 types of Momos. He started with just a single container of momos, now he has two shops and 40 workers working under him. Momos variety includes Steam, Tandoori, Fried, mozzarella, Butter Masala, Afghani, Manchurian and chocolate momos also. He has wide range of momos and price list varies from 50 rupees to 180 rupees.

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Veg Momos – 50 – 150 rupees

Non Veg momos – 80 – 180 rupees.

  • Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike is located in the by lanes of the foodie hub – Amar Colony Market and never goes unnoticed. Nestled in a small nook surrounded by numerous shops, the aroma of this place pulls momo lovers towards it. Truly, when hunger strikes this is the perfect place to go. When here, you cannot miss their delish Tandoori Momos, which is hot, crispy and super juicy.

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Veg momos – 100 – 150 rupees

Non Veg Momos –  120 – 200 rupees

  • Momo Mia

It belongs to the Arunachal Tourism Department in Dilli Haat. For an evening with a plate of fried momos from this place and a bottle of fruit beer to keep company, it is nothing short of heaven-on-a-plate!

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Veg momos – 100 rupees

Non Veg momos – 140 rupees

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