Cinepolis Movie Hall – Unity One Rohini Review


Unity One, new mall has been started few months back in Rohini and it is getting good response because of two things: Parking and Cinepolis (Movie Hall). Unity One is situated near Rohini West metro station and it has multi-level parking (only one in that area). It has auto ticketing system for parking and they will charge 40 rupees for first 4 hours and after that you have to pay 20 Rupees per hour for 4-wheelers. Everything is automated which will save a lot of time and it has parking space of more than 500 cars which makes it quite big. After parking my car on 3rd floor and I took a lift and it will take you one floor down where it will open next to Cinepolis ticketing counter. At the ticket counter, it has auto ticketing system for users who has booked tickets online. They have two machines but both are not functioning at my visit which is a bad experience for me. I have to stand in queue and wait for my turn although I have already booked tickets from It has wasted my 5 minutes. I went for Now you can see me 2 as it was a thriller so I wanted to reach early.

Cinepolis Movie Hall – Unity One Rohini Review

After that I entered into screen section but before that I want to buy some popcorns and snacks for the movie. Unfortunately they don’t have a big menu, they have limited things with limited servicemen. Some people are arguing over there that they don’t even have things which are displaying over display fridge. I took popcorn and oreo shake which is reasonable in price. I was getting late so I told them to give me on my seats. Then I entered into my screen which is screen 1.

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I must say ambience is really good and it has nice lightning system inside hall. They have divide seats into three sections: normal, executive and VIP. I booked VIP tickets which proved to be a right choice. Seats are recliners, means they are auto-folding. In laymen language I can fold seats and convert into semi beds which will give you relaxing and comfortable experience. These seats are available only in few movie halls and it has the cheapest tickets among all these movie halls. Seats also have cushions but they don’t have bed-sheets like ebony movie lounge.


But there are few things which I don’t like in the movie hall.

  • They don’t have accurate hall temperature controller as atmosphere is very cold and it is very difficult to sit there for a long time. You need to go outside for breaks.
  • On exit lifts were closed in mall & we have to climb up 2 stories to car parking.

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  • They don’t have a big menu. You have very less options in food and it is not sure that everything in the menu is available.
  • Normal tickets can be a bit uncomfortable for some people like kids or senior citizens.

But ambience, sound and picture quality is good. You can experience at least once. Rates are also normal, not too much high like CP Odeon and Ebony Private lounge.

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