Congratulations Jio To Be The Fastest Network Of Country

Congratulations Jio! To be the fastest network in India. According to TRAI MySpeed portal, Jio is the fastest 4G telecom operator in India offering an average speed of 16.3mbps.

According to TRAI, Vodafone holding a second place with an average speed of 9.2 Mbps and followed by Idea with an average speed of 7.3 Mbps. Airtel which is the largest network in India is not there in the top 3 list even. Airtel is providing average speed of 5.8 Mbps

Jio has just entered the telecom market and it has shaken all the companies from their roots. Jio is giving the fastest and cheapest network in all over India and it has crossed 100 million customers in just a short span of time.

We hope Jio will maintain this speed and will be able to service its users without any interruption. Jio has different average speed in different cities. Here is the complete list of average speed in different metro cities:

In Delhi, Jio is providing 13.8 Mbps speed where as in Kolkata, it is providing 12.5 Mbps average speed. In Chennai, it is providing 11.3 Mbps average speed which is the lowest among all metro cities. In Mumbai, Jio is offering highest speed of 23.3 Mbps which is much greater than other networks.

What is the speed you are getting in your Jio sim? Share your speed results in comments.

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