Delhi budget 2016-17 Main Points Highlights



Aam Aadmi Party has introduced its second Delhi budget today in legislative assembly. Like previous year, this year budget also has a lot of things for common people as well as for MCD. Total Budget is of RS. 46,600 crores. Delhi govt. stated that this year Delhi revenue increased by 17% as comparison to last year revenue. These are the highlights or main points of Delhi Budget 2016-17 :

Delhi budget 2016-17 Main Points Highlights

Delhi’s First Mohalla Clinic 

  1. Deputy Chief minister, Manish Sisodia presented the Delhi Budget 2016-17, he said like previous year, this year also 25% of budget will be spend on education. 9623 new teachers will be appointed in the schools, separate toilets will be constructed for girls in schools. CCtv cameras will be there in school so that parents can know about the activities of students. Mandoli and Narela will have new colleges. Overall education sector has 10,690 crores.
  2. 21 new schools will be open in this year along with total 8000 new classrooms. Govt. also promised that schools will be more cleaner than before.
  3. There is a huge reduction in vat. Vat on sweets, snacks, readymade garments,battery vehicle,school bags has been reduced from 12.5% to 5%
  4. This budget is not only for common people but for MCD people also. Delhi govt. will give 1000 crores more than the previous year so that there will be no crisis related to mcd employees salary
  5. 1000 Mohalla Clinics will be open in Delhi in this year. 3 new hostels will be open in Dwarka for girls.
  6. 100 new cluster buses and 1000 new Non-AC DTC buses will join the old buses on Delhi roads. Transport department has budget of 1732 crores in this year.
  7. Sky walk will be constructed from Quatab minar metro station to Qutab minar.
  8. 10 crores rupees is the budget amount for aam aadmi canteen and 54 crores is the budget amount for art and culture.
  9. Electricity subsidy will continue.
  10. Delhi Jal board has budget of 1978 crores.

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  1. Aap party doing well in Delhi , but I like A rvind Kajriwal very much & and his fast thinking to change the government system. The system which is corrupted every where .

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