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If you live in Bangalore then you must have heard of this restaurant- ECHOES. It is a cafe cum restaurant which has a different concept of service. They hired specially able people and 95% of staff consist of them. Only the manager belongs to a normal category in case you may find any difficulty to talk with the staff, rest all the staff is specially abled.

You must start thinking how you will communicate with the staff if they can’t hear you or can’t even speak. Management has taken care of all the things. Let’s start with the review:

Echoes Cafe Review:

At the outside of the cafe, you can see the different signs which may help you how to create alphabets with your hand. This is a nice theme and it will give you some topic to discuss with your friends while waiting out. On weekends, waiting time goes to 1 hour even. There is a small waiting area which can accommodate 5-7 people in sitting and 10 people (standing).

At each table, there is a bell shown in the picture. You can ring this bell when you want to call a waiter to you for something. When you press this bell, the light will glow and a person will come to you.

Now you must be thinking how will you talk with them. There is a slate queue at each table which has 10 messages on it like, knife needed, spoon needed, water, bill please, menu card and some other commonly used messages. Most of the messages can be conveyed through it.

Now if you want to order, they will give you one pen and paper in which you have to write the code of the dish after seeing the menu. Once you will finalize the menu, you can call them and give it to them, they will take a printed bill and will come back to you for confirmation. When you pass the bill (not a parliamentary bill) they will bring your menu. Overall theme and ambience are different and I find it even good.

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Food Review:

Food I will say it is average, quantity is pretty much less and the price is overcharged. You can see more than 4.5 rating on Zomato, that is only because of theme and idea. It is definitely not because of food. Taste of food also is average, there are other cafes in Koramangala which serves a lot better food at this price with more quantity.

So, I would say you should go at least once because of the ambience, culture, idea and effort. Service is very good, the staff is well trained. You would not feel any problem with the service.


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