Essel World Water Park Mumbai Entry Ticket Prices


Essel World is India’s largest amusement park. It is located in Gorai, Mumbai. Essel World was opened in 1989 and is one of the famous amusement park that you should definitely visit. Essel World along with the Water Kingdom is the Asia’s largest Theme Water Park. This water park has many rides which is suitable for people of all ages.

Essel World Water Park Mumbai Entry Ticket Prices

There are several fun rides that you would love to enjoy. The rides of Essel World are divided into 3 categories: Family Rides, Adult Rides and Children Rides.

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Family Rides: There are many family rides in the water park so that entire family can enjoy together. Some of the family rides are wet whereas other family rides are dry. The famous family rides are the following:

  • Aqua Drive: It is a wet ride that you would definitely enjoy with your family.
  • Monster: This ride spirals in the center, lifts and tilts you in the mid-air. So, get ready to be scared.
  • Zipper Dipper: It is a fun ride with curvy turns, ups and downs that will make your entire family happy.
  • Kangaroo Hop: This ride would take you to the height of 20 feet and is the latest attraction of the park.

Adult Rides: Adult rides are thrilling and one has to be courageous to try these rides, therefore they are classified under adult section.

  • Enterprise: It is a famous ride in Essel World. It is a giant wheel that firsts revolves horizontally and is then lifted vertically. It is the most thrilling ride of the Essel World water park and is especially for the brave hearted people.
  • Hoola Loop: It is a roller coaster to give you goose-bumps.
  • Rainbow: This ride will give you the panaromic bird’s eye view of the whole water park.
  • Thunder: It is a scary ride that will strike fear in you.

Children Rides: There are many Children rides in the park to thrill the kids. These rides are entertaining as well as adventurous for kids. Below are some famous children rides:

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  • Big Apple : It’s a roller coaster for children to give them a fun time in a big apple.
  • Caterpillar: It is one of the favorite ride among kids.
  • Children’s Boat Ride: It is an adventurous ride for children.
  • Happy Sky: It’s an amazing ride that give the kids an experience of travelling in between the clouds.

Essel World Entry Ticket Prices

Ticket Price of Essel World for people of various age groups are as follows:

Adult: Rs 949/-

Children: Rs 699/-

Senior Citizen: Rs 399/-

Ticket Price of Water Kingdom for people of various age groups are as follows:

Adult : Rs 999/-

Children: Rs 699/-

Senior Citizen: Rs 399/-

Combined Ticket Price of Essel World and Water Kingdom are as follows:

Adult : Rs 1299/-

Children: Rs 899/-

Senior Citizen: Rs 599/-

The Park remains open on all days from 11 AM to 7 PM.Reach the park before 11 PM so that you don’t have to miss any ride.

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If you are looking for a fun filled place with family and friends then visit Essel World. It is the right place for adventure lovers that leave them thrilled.


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Essel World is India’s largest amusement theme park located in Gorai, Mumbai.Check out its entry ticket price.


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