JIO GST: Solution To File GST Returns

You must be knowing what is GST i.e., Goods and Services Tax. This is an initiative by Indian Government towards one nation one tax. Jio wants to contribute in this step and that’s why Jio brings JIOGST Solution to file GST returns which you have to fill 37 times in a year.

The next big thing from Jio is a new product JioGST. JioGST is India’s first “mobile first” solutions for the merchants.

It is perfect for the traders ranging from 20 – 70 lakhs with the ASP and GSP service free for 1 year at an affordable price of ₹1999/- only. JioGST offers merchants Starter kit available a Jio stores, and

Composition filing in just 3 easy steps

  1. The composition filing allows you to reconcile your data on quarterly or monthly basis
  2. Your purchase summary is auto updated from your GSTN and you can prepare your GSTR before the 18th of the next quarter or by the 10th of every month
  3. File GST return every month or quarter.
  • JioGST knowledge
    1. You will get cosulation from tax experts.
    2. Industry specific seminars for Corporates and associations
    3. You can ask your queries from the tax experts.
    4. Access to empanelled tax practioners
    5. Jio GST channel on JioChat for GST related updates and discovering new business partners and customers

Benefits of JioGST to the merchants?

It is the best option for small retailer who cannot afford expensive GST software available in the market. Here are some benefits of using JioGST device:

  1. You can get the JioGST in all Jio stores at Rs. 1,999 only.
  2. You can generate invoices from you mobile, no need to use any laptop or computer
  3. You will get all the features including email invoices, export to excel, periodical summary reports, etc.

Why should you opt for JioGST?

JioGST is a wireless device which you can carry it anywhere and it just needs internet which you can get from JioFi device. That is the main reason Jio is s giving 1 year free subscription of device with JioGST starter kit.  Here are the few features of JioGST, check it out:

  1. It makes very easy to file return with just 2 click process.
  2. You will be getting free 2GB of data every month for 1 year with this device, which is more than enough for using this device.
  3. JioGST is a APP based billing solution that doesn’t require a printer unlike the other software available in the market
  4. All of these benefits at the most affordable price of Rs. 1999/- only


JioGST is a new powerful solution launched by Jio which can solve all your problems of GST and it is available in the market in just Rs. 1,999 and you will get free Jio-Fi Device with 24 GB of free data for 1 year. So, ultimately this solution will cost you nothing.

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