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Have you ever been to a website which provided you with the information, but you could not find it? Or have been to a website which made you go through a whole lot of irrelevant information and then you figure out it doesn’t have the required information? If you are a student searching for online colleges and courses, you can avoid all these putting off and tiring process by visiting the online website called GRADZZ. And This website is similar to Getmyuni. GRADZZ is an online website which provides you data of the online college or course of the USA you won’t take up. It might sound like one of the websites, but it isn’t. It helps the students with exploring online colleges. For instance, if you want to find oral Roberts university online courses you can get it by one click through GRADZZ website.

Let’s talk about the flexibilities and uses that GRADZZ website provides.


This is the home page of GRADZZ website. The design of the website seems easy looking. And the name of the website itself sounds so good on our tongues that it seems like a service I want to make use of. The search option on the page provides to search by either college or by programs. On the right top corner, there are other flexible options of you can search for the best online college i.e., search by state, search by degree and search by a stream. If you want to search by college, for instance, you can type the oral Roberts University online and select and view the college’s contents. This website is a plus since dropdown feature is provided.

If you opt to search by programs you find two boxes by which you can make your search i.e., discipline or degree. If you are not sure either of discipline or degree you can opt for one and still be successful in it. There is always a chance to not know how to start, you can just click on best online colleges which will take you to the page where best colleges online are listed for ex. Oral Roberts University online is found in the list.


When you go to a respectable college or university page you find a neatly organized set of sections and information that will appeal you. There are 7 sections:

  • Overview
  • Programs and tuition
  • Accreditation
  • Admissions
  • Financial aid
  • Reviews
  • Careers

Along with the sections, there is Address, phone number and official website of the university or college. The overview section covers all the aspects of the college. The apply button takes you to the form which has to be filled in to get efficient information with free counselling for confused students.


When you click on tuition and fee section you get the summary of the programs and tuitions followed by programs offered sorted by each program. Under the program, the degrees that a person can take up in each program is listed. It starts from associate and ends with the master which is ordered according to the level of education. Along with it type of study, tuition fee, and credits are listed.


The accreditation section says the program accreditation which helps in the long run in students’ future and career.

The admissions section talks about all the requirements that online applicant needs to know. The stress relieving thing about this section is it provides each program admission requirements. Students will definitely find it helpful.


The scholarships and financial aid section talk the financial aid of the university, financial support that is available for the students, GSR and aid disbursement process if available for the university.

The reviews section gives you a glimpse of the reviews of the university and the experience of students. The pros to students is it provides you with video reviews.


The career section talks about the statistics of the student’s careers who studied in the university. For a student, this is the essential part of education is followed by a career.

All these features enhance the website and opting for it will definitely be a good choice. Student always wants data which can be obtained in quicker and also efficient ones. Hence, they can prefer GRADZZ- the online website to guide students to find online colleges.


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