Important Information for All Voters in Maharashtra

Important Information for All Voters in Maharashtra: 

State Election Commission, Maharashtra was established in April 26, 1994 as per provisions of Article 243K and 243ZA of the Constitution of India. It aims to conduct all rural and urban local body elections in the state of Maharashtra.


Shri. J.S. Saharia, present State Election Commissioner took charge in September 2014, after serving around 37 years in Civil Services and retiring as Chief Secretary of Maharashtra State.  He has taken many commendable steps during his tenure to create changes in the complete election process. Some of them are:


  1. Online nomination process: With this voting process gets simplified as the whole process from nomination form till counting of votes and declaration of result can easily be done. (


  1. Bifurcation of voter list through software: Making the Voter’s list online has completely simplified the old and complicated task of segregating the voter list. It also reduces the chances of error, manipulations and also saves time. ( .


  1. Launching of FAQ Mobile app: Find answers about all the legal provisions, Acts and rules for conduct of election of all the local bodies involved easily through the use of the mobile App just by visiting this link ( ).


  1. Website: SEC Maharashtra has also launched a website as per GIGW guidelines.


Since many people don’t vote due to their busy schedule, boredom, lengthy queues, etc. the State Election Commission has launched many initiatives to tackle these issues and make voting easier for people in Maharashtra.


The State Election Commission, Maharashtra has also come up with the Mahavoter Bot in which one has to give a missed call on 9029901901 and once it is done you can get directed to Facebook messenger and will receive various options to click on.


The State Election Commission of Maharashtra is putting their best efforts to disburse all the important information about voting so the people at large can vote for the most deserving candidate.


So, we the people of India following a Democratic system should know our rights and also make the best use of it by voting for the right candidate for us! Let’s go vote!

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