Infosys Bond/Service Agreement Break Amount: Everything You Want To Know

One thing which comes in everyone’s mind before joining any company. Here are the general questions which come into everyone’s mind:

  • What is the notice period?
  • What is the amount you have to pay if you will break the bond?
  • What is the probation period?

In this post, I will try to cover all these questions. The first thing you will sign a service agreement of 1 year after completion of Infosys Training. Infosys Training duration is somewhere around 19-23 weeks. So, if you will break the service agreement/bond before completion of service agreement you have to pay the bond according to the service agreement.

Infosys Mysore Training Syllabus

Now the next question is Do you actually need to pay? What can a company do if you will not pay?

  • If you leave the company during training you have to tell them 1 month before and then you can leave the company. You don’t have to pay anything as Bond doesn’t start till now but you will not get any certificate as you have not completed their training too. So there is no gain no loss in this case.
  • The second scenario is if you leave the company after completion of training but before completion of your bond, i.e. 1 year after training. Then they will charge you according to time you spend in Infosys. The maximum amount is 1 lakh rupees, so in the worst scenario, you will have to pay 1 lakh rupees.
    If you want, you can deny it and simply left the company with 3 month notice period. But in this case, you will not get any experience letter. So if your new company is ok with then you can leave it without paying anything or you can ask your new employer to pay for you. Or if you are going for higher education then also you don’t need experience letter in that case.

If you want experience letter then you have to pay the required amount and for that, you can discuss your HR. Don’t forget to take your PF with you, a company has no right to keep PF with them. You are not doing any crime so don’t feel it in that way.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. I will try to answer all your queries as soon as possible.


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    • 3 Months Notice period means if you want to leave the company, you have to tell the company 3 months before leaving. 3 months will be maximum time. if your manager is good, he/she has the power to leave you in 1 week even but that is highly unlikely.

      • So If I have signed bond and if I want to leave company before bond completed, then if I don’t want to pay bond amount than I have to give a notice 3 months before the date when I want to leave.

        • If you will not give the bond amount, then you will not get the experience letter. So, technically if you don’t want an experience letter then you can leave any time without giving any notice period. People wait for 3 months to get the notice period. You will not get notice period in any of the case (leaving company before notice period or leaving company without paying bond).

  1. If I want to leave after completing my training period of 6 months and I pay the bond amoumt do I get a experience letter?

  2. If I want to leave after completing the 6 months training and do not want experience letter, in that case do I have to notify them 3 months prior?

  3. How would be the job locations.. after training I need job location to be in Chennai.. so is it possible tat we get our desired location after training? And when will we come to know the location ?

  4. I have left Infosys on may 2016. I want to get the experience letter now. Can I pay the bond amount now after one year and still get the relieving letter?

  5. Suppose i have 2 months left to get the probation completed and i quit. So what is the amount i have to pay. The salary of those 2 months or salary of 10 months + training

    • 1 Lakh is the maximum bond amount you have to pay, for more details contact your HR. He/she can tell you the whole amount.

  6. If I’m leaving the company on immediate notice (during probation ) do they accept ? And how can I remove my PF amount from them ?

  7. What if I do not pay the bond amount and do not serve the notice period then if I tell my new employer that I am a fresher and do not tell them that I worked for a few months in some other company? Will my new employer know this?

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