Jio Bags India’s Fastest Network Tag From Airtel

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Soon you will not be able to see Airtel’s girl claiming Airtel to be the fastest 4G network in India. Yes, according to TRAI, Jio has become the fastest 4G network in India beating Airtel to third position. TRAI has released new results of a study which is done in March 2017 and Jio has beaten all other networks and become the fastest network of India.

Jio Becomes India’s Fastest Network

In study, TRAI claimed that Jio is giving 15.04 MBPS speed across all over India and more than 500 thousand tests have been done across different parts of India. In Mumbai, Jio has 23.59 Mbps speed which is 50% more than Airtel’s 16.04 Mbps speed.

In other cities also, Jio is far better than other networks. In Kolkata, Jio speed is 16.79 Mbps whereas on second position Idea has 13.07 Mbps speed. In Delhi, Jio has 13.19 Mbps speed in comparison to Airtel’s 9.89 Mbps.

With only one year old network Jio has more than 100 million customers and has become the fastest and cheapest network available in India. With these results, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has asked Bharti Airtel Ltd to “modify” or “withdraw” advertisements that are based on a claim by network testing agency Ookla LLC and suggested that Airtel is “officially India’s fastest network”.

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On the reply, Airtel has commented that, it has given all the results which is based on Ookla n the month of February and March 2017 to ASCI and Airtel wants ASCI to think on its decision again. For now, ASCI has already gave ultimatum to Airtel in which they have to put down or modify all advertisements regarding the same till 11th of March.

The advertising industry watchdog said the complaint against Airtel was considered by the Fast Track Complaints Committee (FTCC) at a meeting held on 29 March. FTCC noted that the claim by the advertiser is not specific to 4G technology, whereas the TVC has visuals with reference to 4G. The speed comparison visual also has a reference to 4G in the notification bar and shows poor signal strength for the other service provider. FTCC considered this representation to be misleading by ambiguity and implication,” it said.

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