Jio is the Most Available Network In India: Open Signal


Open Signal is an international company who is specialized in wireless coverage mapping. It is famous for its open reports which tell you the coverage of different telecom network at your location.

They have released a second report on India’s 4G revolution, it has released its first report 6 months back in April. Results are quite motivational for new incumbent Reliance Jio.

Let me tell you the survey size first, the survey is conducted on more than 7 lakh mobile devices from all over India mobile devices using different networks. Open Signal has done more than 7 Billion tests to reach this report. All tests have been done in the 3 month period i.e. June 2017 – August 2017.

Highest 4G/3G Speed

Airtel bags the open signal Top 4G Speed and 3G speed chart like the previous report which was done 6 months ago. Although Airtel bags this position but its speed has shown a significant decline in both department. There can be many reasons for this decline, for example, Airtel doesn’t have infrastructure support to provide 1GB data per day which it copied from new entrant Reliance Jio offer.

Airtel must focus on this major issue as if it will continue like this further, Airtel will soon lose its position in all charts. Although jio bags the title of overall speed download.

Airtel speed has declined from 11.53 Mbps to 9.15 Mbps from the previous report whereas Jio has shown a significant increase of 50% in its speed from 3.92 Mbps to 5.81 Mbps. All other major network has shown a gradual decline in their speed as well.

Most Available Network

Jio’s already impressive LTE reach has gotten even better in the last six months. Our Jio testers were able to latch onto an LTE signal more than 95.6% of the time, putting Jio 32 percentage points ahead of its nearest competitor in our availability metric.

This is a big win for Jio as it is available in more than 95% of areas where airtel (who was the leading network in India before) is available at only 56 % area.

Jio is still the only player in 4G availability in the market. All other three rivals are fighting very hard but they are not even close to Jio. Jio is not the most available network in India only but it bags the same title in all the cities/states individually. There is not even one city/state in which some other network wins the most available title.

Though Airtel still took our 3G and 4G speed awards, Jio’s superior 4G availability drove it to the top of our overall speed rankings. In short, Jio may not have had the fastest LTE speeds, but it delivered the fastest overall mobile data experience, according to Open Signal data.

Future Network

Other networks have limited 4G users while Jio carries most of India’s wireless broadband data consumption. As Jio subscribers migrate from free to promotional tariffs and gradually to regular tariffs one can expect optimization of network capacity and an even better speed over the next few months.

4G Subscribers on other legacy networks/service providers may experience sporadic spurt in speeds in select locations only but are usually on 2G/3G services due to the limited reach of 4G network of their service providers



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