Mystery Room Review: An Adventurous Outing In Rajouri Garden


Are you Looking for Outing with your friends or family? Want to do some adventure but can’t go outside of Delhi due to shortage of time? Then you come at the right place. In this post I will tell you about a place which is new and has a unique concept for Leisure Activity. It is an adventurous place where you can come with your friends or family and play a team game with some mind puzzles in a real time scenario.
Mystery Room is a place where you will be locked in a room with your team mates and you have to join together to solve puzzles, mysteries and have to unlock yourself and come out from a big room. There are 4 stories available and you need 2-8 members to play any of the story. Every game has different difficulty level and they also mention the success level with the past experience so that you can choose your game accordingly. You can book you slot on the phone also, you just have to mention your name, mobile number and email id. Payment can be done at the time of action thus, they are offering hassle free booking. I had visited in Mystery Room, Rajouri Garden. They have another branch in Gurgaon also.

Mystery Room Review: An Adventurous Outing In Rajouri Garden

We have opted “Abduction” level which is the most difficult level and it has success rate of 15% only as we are 8 members so we want to play the toughest one. Story of this game is that we are abducted and we have to break the prison and come out in 60 minutes. So it started with the Facebook check-in. They asked us to put check in on Facebook to get 2 extra help clues. Then they asked us to submit our cellphones and all gadgets in a locker. Instructions were provided which includes to look at each clue carefully and all clues are helpful.


Then they blindfold us, took us in a room and tie us with handcuffs. Then a buzzer and fluctuation of lights started and there was a television which flashes with clue at different time to help you out. There was a help switch also which you can press 3 times at max to get help in the form of clue.  Our first task is to stop the buzzer and stable the fluctuation of lights. Then we had to find the keys to un-cuff yourself. Next task is to solve the Flow diagram by putting numerical values. Yes a little bit common sense with mathematics is involved. Don’t worry chalk and board were also provided. Then you have to find the code of a lock to enter into another room where you solve some puzzles to find a computer password. After entering right password, there will be .vlc file which has some audio, you were supposed to decode that audio and find a code which had unlock another room. Then you have to gather all clues which you were supposed to collect and enter into the final room after unlocking the code. Then there will some GK question which you have to answer and some more puzzles will finally unlock this mystery.

Yes we completed our most difficult mystery with 94 seconds before. They gave us gold medal (look-alike) to solve this mysterious mystery which is the first medal in my history. They are other games also which has different stories and different puzzles which you might try. Game is little bit costly but yes it is worth trying it as it has unique idea and concept is totally different from other fun activities in Delhi NCR.

Mysteryroom Rajouri Garden Price:

  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) & Public Holidays

    Mission for 2: Rs 1000 per person = Rs 2000

    Mission for 3: Rs 900 per person = Rs 2700

    Mission for 4: Rs 800 per person = Rs 3200

    Mission for 5 and more: Rs 700 per person

  • Weekdays Special (Monday to Friday)

    Mission for 2: Rs 800 per person = Rs 1600

    Mission for 3: Rs 700 per person = Rs 2100

    Mission for 4: Rs 600 per person = Rs 2400

    Mission for 5 and more: Rs 500 per person

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