Nita Ambani Best Quotes For Life

Nita Ambani is the wealthiest women in India and she is the founder of Reliance Foundation. She has received many honours in different zones. She also got the honour of most influential women business leaders in Asia by Forbes.

She is the owner of Mumbai Indians Team in IPL and she is also founder and chairperson of  Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

She is a true business leader, you will see a lot of inspiration, motivation in her speeches or interview. Here are the few Quotes from Nita Ambani for life:

  • She has affection towards the children, so towards motherhood also. She believes “Motherhood is the most challenging as well as the utmost satisfying vocation in the world.
  • What I have learnt is that it is important to pursue your passion more than your legacy; if you have a passion for a purpose then everything else fits in.
  • Everyone knows she is the owner of Mumbai Indians Team of IPL who wins the trophy 3 times in IPL career. She has a great interest towards sports and she believes: “Sport is not just about entertainment. It is equally about winning and losing, pooling and galvanising the energy of youth, upgrading people’s physical fitness and mental prowess.”
  • She has an inclination towards Education, she has opened a foundation for children and she is the owner of Dhirubhai Ambani Internation school. She believes: “Education is not a tool for development – individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is an empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.”
  • As she is the wealthiest women in India, with it she understands the power comes with responsibility. She also believes Wealth and power don’t go together where power cannot be brokered.

She is a great source of motivation and inspiration for many of youth in our country. See this video where you will find some more interesting quotes from Nita Ambani.

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