SBI Computer Security Day 2017


State Bank of India is a 211-year-old organization. With the growing world, it keeps on coming up with new products to meet the needs of its customers. In today’s hi-tech world, SBI also rolls out new IT products to satisfy the needs of its customers. SBI also takes care of the Safety of the Customers. So, it spreads awareness among its customers about the safe usage of IT Products rolled by it.

Below are some tips that SBI Customers should follow for their Safety:-

  • Use Debit Card Safely: –
    • You should keep your ATM PIN Confidential. Don’t reveal it to anyone. It is a good practice to change your PIN at regular intervals.
    • Security of the Internet Connection is the most important thing while doing online transaction. Don’t do your online transaction over public Wi-Fi or any other free Wi-Fi. Always use a secure channel for it.
    • Keep your school name, your favorite hobby name kind of information as confidential. You might have given this information as the answer of your security question for password resetting. If you will share this sensitive information, then malicious actors may reset your password to use your Account.
    • Manage your Debit Card’s International usage with the ON/OFF facility provided with it.
  • Always Beware of Vishing Calls: –
    • Always beware of Vishing Calls. Banks never ask for your Sensitive Information like OTP, Account Number, CVV, Debit Card Number, etc. over calls. All of this information is sensitive and should be kept confidential. Don’t fall prey to such calls by the malicious actors.
  • Use Internet Banking Carefully by keeping these points in mind: –
    • Don’t share your User ID and Password with anyone. Always have a very Strong Password that is a combination of numbers, upper case, lower case and special characters so that the Cyber Criminals can’t guess it at all. It is suggested to keep login and profile password as different for more safety.
    • While doing any Transaction through Internet Banking, don’t use public Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi. All the transactions should be done on a secure channel only.
    • Link your Mobile Number with your Bank Account to get alerts for all transactions. Whenever any transaction will be initiated from your Account, you will get an immediate SMS alert for it.
    • As soon as you are done with your Internet Banking work, log out properly to close the session.
    • Check your Transaction History at regular intervals to be aware of all the transactions done from your account.

India is becoming Digital and so should we be a part of this revolution. But, we should always be aware of the Safe usage of IT Products. I am thankful to SBI for being its customer as it makes me aware about the Safe Usage of IT Products rolled out by it by giving safety tips on the #SBIComputerSecurityDay.


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