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Delhi is melting in 45 degree celsius, people are not able to find out any way to escape from this hot days. A.C is the only way where they can find any peace. That’s why I hate summers, you cannot go out for any party, birthday celebrations, etc with your friends or family. All we want is Air conditioned rooms. We can go  into malls and do same old window shopping. But this year, you can go to a Asia’s largest Sci-fi Themed snow park, also known as Ski India which is located at Noida DLF Mall of India.

Ski India Noida Mall Of India : Review

Ski India is the first Snow park of India which is also largest in Asia. Last week I had a visit there, therefore let me tell you my whole experience. I visited Ski India with my friend last week and we took almost 90 minutes to reach there as I live in Pitampura which is almost 30 Km away from Ski India DLF Mall of India, Noida. I was so excited as for the first time I am going to see snow in my life.

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We went to the ticket window and after giving 2300 rupees for two people(Rs. 1150  per person including taxes) we are waiting for our slot. We booked a slot from  3.00 – 4.30 PM and we reached 1 hour before so we are waiting there for our turn. Initially there was no crowd but suddenly at 2.45 lot of people came together and started making cue for the next slot then we realized that we will not be alone inside.

We entered into the park sharp at 3.00 PM. At the entry they gave us jacket, gloves, hood and boots to wear( no extra cost). I suggest you to carry or wear socks otherwise you have to pay 50 rupees extra  for the same. All accessories are clean and new as this park has been opened two months back. Ok the moment has arrived when we entered into a hall whose temperature is -10 degree celsius. Earlier I was thinking jacket and gloves are useless, we will not need this but the moment I stepped up I pulled up my jackets and other accessories. I was amazed to see that cool chilling breezes were blowing there, later I came to know that there were AC coolers who were giving this chilling experience. Snow was there all over the ground, snow has fallen down and it gives the real look and feel of snow. These are the following rides which one can do there in Ski India snow park:

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Ski India Noida Mall Of India : Rides

  • Taboggon Slide
  • Kids Ski Skiing
  • Snow Boarding
  • Bobsled
  • Slip ski slide
  • Mutli-coaster slide
  • Ice Skating
  • Snow Carousel
  • Frozen Odyssey
  • Snow Runner (sledging)
  • Large snow play area

There are other artificial creatures also there like Penguin, Santa Claus. People are clicking pictures with them. People are rolling over the ground and standing in front of AC coolers to feel the experience of -10 degree. After 45 minutes, it is very difficult to take your hand out from the gloves for clicking pictures. Temperature is very low so I suggest you although kids (below 2 years) entry is free but don’t bring them. It will be very difficult for them to stay inside and same goes for the senior citizens. Funniest thing you will see is girls wearing shorts with gloves, boots and jackets. I don’t know how they are handling the temperature with the shorts.

Ski India Noida Tickets Price

Overall Atmosphere, crowd, ambience everything is good. Although price is little bit high but you will feel it worth after you will enter into the hall. Ski India is Asia’s largest snow park and you should go at least once if it is not much far from you.

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  1. Please don’t go there, its highly overrated and the price oh my the price is definitely too much.
    Staff is rude and the park is not maintained.pagal bann jaoge mt jaana

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