Something as small as this can change the way you look at your room again | #THINKSWITCH 

What’s the most important thing in your house? You might be surprised to find out how a small little think can make so much difference in your home: the switch.

Switches are most likely the last thing on our list when we go hunting for that dream home. Many think they’re not as important as the design, interior, paint, décor, etc. On the contrary, they are as important as your comfortable bed, furniture, or any other decorative item in your room.

A wrong choice in switches can lead to fire that can destroy your valuables. Good quality switches not only add to the décor, but also give you a sense of security against shocks and power cuts. Quality switches ensure safety of your family including your little ones who love to play with the switches.

While this item is the least expensive, it can have several effects on the beauty of your home. Today, many quality brands including Luminous are offering several designer switches that not only go with your style but also add elegance. You can choose from colors, style, modern amenities to your home requirements. Who knew a simple choice can add so much value to your dream home.

It’s time to #ThinkSwitch 

Luminous, the Consumer super brand introduces wide range of Modular switches which will give a new life to your wall. With modern finishes, exciting color options and elegant designs it opens up a galaxy of choices for you to design a dream home as exclusive as you are. These switches have a global pedigree and have been crafted with immense attention to detail to give you a quality you can blindly rely on. The long life of switches ensures the bond between you and your home-decor lasts forever.



Luminous is also offering Expert Advice at your doorstep! 

Wondering how to get more information about this? Don’t worry, Luminous has the answer! Just go to the below link where you can register and get more information about their Elegant Modular Switches. Once you register, a certified Luminous Expert will contact you and visit you within 48 hours to provide you answers to all your questions regarding switches. They will not only understand your requirements and provide you with the right solutions but also give you access to a list of Luminous Certified electricians in your city. So, you can get all the answers right at your doorstep. Just visit for more details!

As someone once said- every detail counts! So why forget this small yet intricate detail? Let the switches say something about your dream home!

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