Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Price, Offers, Discounts, Lockers, Costumes, Rides

Wonderla is the biggest amusement park of India and it is available in 3 cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi. In this post I am going to tell about the rides, facilities, timings, price and every single detail of this water park. So just read this post and you will get all the details of Wonderla Amusement park, you don’t have to search for any other post on internet.

Wonderla Bangalore is on Mysore Road, you will get KSRTC bus if you are coming from Bangalore or Mysore. Even you will get 15% discount on ticket price if you will show KSRTC bus ticket.

Wonderla Offers/Discounts: Offers keep vary with time but

  • if you are coming through KSRTC bus, then you will get 15% discount on ticket price. You just have to show KSRTC bus ticket at the ticket counter.
  • if you are a student then you have to carry your ID card and you will get 20% discount on ticket price.

Note: You can avail only one discount. You can’t avail both discounts at one ticket.

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Prices:

Ticket Price: Price is the biggest concern for every water park. I would not say it is too cheap or too much expensive. It is little bit expensive with other water parks in India but at the same time Wonderla is the biggest water park of India which provides much better experience than other water parks. Here are the ticket prices of Wonderla Bangalore:

Normal Tickets:

Weekday:        Adult:  Rs.920

Child: Rs. 740

Weekend:       Adult:  Rs.1150

Child: Rs. 920

FastTrack Tickets:

Weekday:        Adult:  Rs.1840

Child: Rs. 1480

Weekend:       Adult:  Rs.2300

Child: Rs. 1840

Note: All prices are inclusive of all taxes. If there is any holiday, then ticket prices will be charged according to Weekend prices.

You can book tickets here


Mon- Fri: 11.00-6.00

Sat-Sun: 11.00- 7.00

Costumes and lockers:

Wonderla Bangalore has all kind of arrangements for all kind of people. To maintain hygiene in pool and water rides, only Polyster and Nylon costumes are allowed. Other dresses like jeans, uniforms, saree, etc. are not permitted inside the water park. You can buy the costumes from the costume counter in Wonderla starting at Rs. 150. It differs with item to item. You can bring your own costume from home.

There are separate changing room for gents and ladies. You can get a locket at Rs. 100 per locker and they will take 100 Rs. as security which is fully refundable if you will return the keys to them while going out.



There are different rides for all kind of people. For Kids there is a separate section where you will those rides which is not dangerous but adventurous.  There are around 13-14 rides which is made especially for kids. It is made of cartoons which is the best way to fascinate kids. In some rides you can also join kids which make them feel more secure and happy.


There are around 15 land rides which is for adults as well as kids. These rides are not dangerous but you can enjoy it with your family. These rides are made especially for senior citizens and for people who is scared of rides.

High Thrill Rides:

These rides are for people who wants high adrenaline rush in their body. It will create excitement beyond your imagination. These are for the ride freak people. There are exactly 8 rides which will make you feel crazy.

There is one Ride named RECOIL which is introduced just few months back and it is the India’s first reverse looping roller coaster. It means it will run in opposite direction also. They will made you sit on a roller coaster which will challenge the gravity at 80kmph and it will go first in forward direction and then in backward direction. This is the best experience one should experience it atleast once in their lifetime.

Water Rides:

Wonderla Water Park has all the water rides available in any water park in India. There is only one water ride which is available in Oyster’s water park that is not available in any other water park, not even in Wonderla Bangalore. Wonderla water park has lazy river ride in which you can just sit in air tube and just relax as water flow will automatically take you for slow ride.

Other rides include Wave ride in which they will generate a wave through machines which will give you feel of a beach wave.

Overall experience was magnificent and one should definitely go to this park with their family or friends. It is not very far or not very expensive, it will give you a memory of real adventure for rest of your life.

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