Twenty Four 24 Season 2 6 August 2016 Episode Video Updates

Twenty Four 24 Season 2 6 August 2016 Episode Video Updates: In the last week episode of the thrilling TV series Twenty Four (24) Season 2 it has been the showcase that Vedant asked Shivani that why she feels that in Kush’s body there is virus. Shivani said that as Prakash told me that Chang forces him to take the virus injection, so now within while Kush will be having nose bleeding and then he will become contagious and his disease going to spread in the air.

Twenty Four 24 Season 2 6 August 2016 Episode Video Updates

Shivani said anyhow we have to catch Kush. Meanwhile, Kush calls to Mitali and explain her entire trauma. Mitali asked to him that he need to go to the police then as police can help him then. Kush says that I can’t go to the police as then these people will be killing my parents.

He also asked Mitali to meet with him. He requested to Mitali that she should not inform the same to police and also asked her to meet with him. Shivani said that PM will not agree to release Roshan anyway and Khurana also said that we can’t release Roshan, he is a devil like a person.

Aditya meet with Devyani much before that Divyani had coffee with her dad. Aditya come and asked her to join him in the lunch but before that Aditya had an encounter with his mom and her mom asked Devyani to meet with her but Devyani refused as she has to go to the hospital.

While having cake Aditya got a call so he has to rush there and Devyani leaves for the hospital. Jai Singh Rathore asked Maya to ask to Harroon what this virus is all about and when Maya get to know the same from Harroon, she got stunned and think to inform the same to Jai.

Twenty Four 24 Season 2 6 August 2016 Episode Video Updates

Kush in the shopping mall shocked to see police and he asked about it to Mitali but Mitali said that she did not call the police. Kush asked her to meet with him and Mitali rushes to see that Kush is having nose bleeding. Kush himself is not aware of it and before he can get to know anything both Mitali and Kush has been abducted.

Maya shocked to know that Jai is taking help from Roshan who is a supporter of Harroon and when Maya asked the same to Jai, Jai did not reply anything.

Somehow Zara checks mail and tells Mihir about Jai’s visit to jail for official ATU duty. Mihir asks was Jai there, and Zara calls and asked Joshi that Jai is on leave since 6 months, we are not in contact with him, ATU did not send him, and he is not in ATU. Joshi is shocked and Jai is now sitting in front of him.

Joshi looks on Jai and he disconnects the call and looks at Joshi.

Precap: Joshi calls Jai a traitor and beats him. Gyan tells Haroon that ATU team need to find Kush. Kush commits suicide. Jai target Joshi.

Jai takes Haroon. An officer asked Aditya that Jai is helping Roshan. Aditya says shoot him.

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