Xiaomi Mi Mix: Something Smart in Boring Smartphone World

Xiaomi has announced its new Xiaomi Mi Mix which is going to be something different from other old smartphones. Every company is working on hardware like processor, camera quality, RAM, etc. but enhancing hardware configuration doesn’t make smartphone smarter. It just makes it more powerful. To make smartphone smarter, companies need to add new features, new design or something new concept. That’s why Xiaomi brings Xiaomi Mi Mix which is little bit different from other phones and it tries to provide a new experience to user.

First thing is its look. It has 91% screen to body ration which covers almost all surface with screen which makes you feel like you are not holding a phone but only a display. Screen size is 6.4 inch which enhances this experience. At the top there is no plastic or metal body of phone, you can see the screen at the top of it.  All the sensors and jacks are provided at the bottom in a very thin chin which is necessary to hold all sensors and ports. If you get bored with the designs of all the phones, then this can be the solution of your boredom. Phone has rounded corners which may have effect on screen resolution but the final screen resolution is fantastic. You will not feel any distortion in pixels.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Power

If we come to specifications, this phone has power also with great looks. It has 6 GB of RAM with Octa core Snapdragon 821 processor which you know the best processor available in the market. It has two sim slots with no memory card slot like other phones of Xiaomi. Xiaomi shocked everyone with its internal storage of 256 GB which we should call hard disk, not internal storage.

Xiaomi Mi Mix has 16 MP of bright camera which has inconceivable quality. 5MP of front camera at the chin of the phone will not upset you as it has the same quality like back camera.

Xiaomi Mi Max : An Alternative For this Phone

One Con which I can see at this stage is its durability as phone has screen only (very less body), so you can’t expect it to survive if it will fall from normal height only. So you have to protect the phone with all cases and tempered glasses.

It has 4400 mAh of battery which has fast charging feature with Type C connector charger. It will charge your phone from 0 to 83% within 30 minutes. So need to wake up early or ask your mummy to charge phone for you so that you can use it full day. You can charge it for 30 minutes and you can use it for more than a day because of its 4400 mAh size.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: Price And Release Date In India

According to me this is a new generation phone with something smart in this like its design, camera , features, etc. Although the phone costs around Rs. 30,000 and for now it is not available in India but will come soon in India also. It will be available from 4th of November in China.

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