Benefits of living away from your home due to Official Work

This post is for those folks who are living away from their home, just because they got selected in some other city of India. Mostly Engineers will fall into this category as most of the IT companies hire people from some other city and put them into work into some other city like me. Yes, I am also one of you :p.

In the initial days when you moved out from your hometown, some of you are very happy as no restriction anymore. You can sleep whenever you want, go to movies, party late night sometimes whole night. But after doing this for few days or months, you got tired and want to go home back as you may start facing challenges in the life.

I want to tell you some benefits of staying away from your home which may motivate you to live life in a better way and may help you to understand how crucial is this time and how lucky you are.

You are lucky that you are living away from your home because you don’t have to waste time in meeting with your relatives ( you can understand better if you belong to a north Indian family (especially Punjabi family)).  You can save time as you don’t have to travel for long hours just to reach office. If you live in Delhi and works in Gurgaon/ Noida( IT hub) then you have to travel 4 hours daily (2 + 2 ). Seriously you are sitting in the cab/metro/bus and waiting for the cab to reach office/home.

As that time is generally morning and evening time, you get whole lot traffic because of peak hours. At that time, you cannot utilize much apart from doing facebook/Instagram.  Considering all holidays, you are wasting 1.5 months in a year in travelling only. Wohhhha! so if you work in Gurgaon/Noida and lives in Delhi, you have only 10.5 months in a year, not 12 months.

So you can save time by living close to your office and living away from your home.

But the question is how to utilize time. What should I do by saving 1.5 months in a year?

Most of the people work 5 days in a week and rest of the 2 days they do party only and sleep for whole 2 days like they are the only person working 5 days in a week.

I want to tell you this is the time when you can achieve whatever you want from your life. You don’t have dependencies, start saving money. Try to do innovative, if you have a passion other than IT, follow it, chase it or at least give a try because maybe after 5 years you will not have time for it.

You can prepare for higher studies if you want to learn more. You can learn the new skills in your field and go try for a new company who can pay you better.

You can learn a sport and can master it or can make a dream physique as you have the whole bunch of time. You may invest in something and effects of failure will not be larger as compared to later part of life.

You may go for the innovative ideas which most of the people dream in their life.

I am just saying this is the time you can develop yourself. You can achieve whatever you want at this point in time. I just want you to move your ass and start doing things instead of lying dead in your bed for whole 2 days of the week.

Let me know in the comments, what you want to do in your life apart from your work and how you are utilizing your free time (weekend maybe) for it?

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